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Kitchen Floor Mats


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Kitchen Mats & Rugs with Rich Motifs

Kitchen floor mats are ideal for use in front of the sink or counter. Kitchen comfort mats provide cushion for your feet while you stand to slice vegetables or wash dishes. Charming designs will be right at home in your kitchen. Our selection of kitchen mats and slice mats includes grape, fruit, chef, rooster and vegetable motifs. Choose a personalized kitchen mat to give your kitchen a special touch.

Shop our decorative kitchen floor mats for just the right pop of color or your favorite motif. Allow grape or wine-themed mats to flaunt juicy clusters and stately wine bottles alongside Mediterranean designs. Strike a chord of prosperity with fruit mats featuring tawny pears, luscious oranges and fresh apples. Decorative kitchen mats with jaunty chefs will pronounce your love for the culinary arts, while vegetable and rooster motifs paint a rustic, agrarian scene indoors. Paired with coordinating wall decor, your kitchen will radiate beauty.

Shop Comfy Kitchen Floor Mats

If you find your kitchen chock-full of patterns and designs already, you can scale them back with lovely, solid-color kitchen rugs and mats. Ornamented with rubber-molded patterns on self-colored backgrounds, these understated accents won't overwhelm your kitchen.

Pleasing beneath your feet and also on the eyes, our kitchen mats also provide a peace-of-mind while you're bustling about the kitchen. Many of our mats are skid-resistant, perfect for periods of frenzied holiday cooking. Find stain-resistant mats so you never have to fret about ruining your favorite kitchen mat with stray droplets of soup or sauce. Finally, an anti-fatigue mat will stand the test of time and countless evenings spent cooking your best meals. Make even dish-washing a relaxing activity with a plush mat cushioned with memory foam; aesthetic designs will tie seamlessly into your kitchen decor, offering decorative appeal and cushioned comfort all in one home accent.