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Home Decor in Classic Blue

Home Decor in Classic Blue

Work a classic color into your decorating with blue curtains, bedding, rugs, and artwork. Pantone's Color of the Year for 2020 is Classic Blue, and this enigmatic shade boosts creativity as well as traditional style.

See how blue can enhance your homeā€”from traditional bedding and window treatments to deep blue wall art and home accents. Choose from lovely blue shades such as sapphire, midnight, indigo, federal blue, slate blue, or steel blue.

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If you're a fan of blue, then you'll love Pantone's color pick for 2020: Classic Blue! Traditional and soothing, this cool shade is perfect for studios, home offices, or even just your bedroom. Paint an accent wall with this innovative hue, or work it into your aesthetic using a tufted ottoman or coffee table rug.

Daunted by decorating with such a vivacious shade? Start small; classic blue curtains on your windows liven up an otherwise neutral space. Think white walls and a cool gray sectional. Blue sheers can add a splash of color to offset those more low-key hues. Otherwise, try a deep blue rug under a grouping of furniture. Anchoring your couch and recliner, this traditional color choice gives your living room inviting appeal. Accent with that pigment even more with blue book spines popping out here and there from a nearby bookcase.

Alternatively, you could wake up to a calming hue each and every morning by working Classic Blue into the bedroom. Peruse a wealth of blue bedding sets for a comforter that serves as the focal point of the entire space. Go for a lovely shade of navy patterned with woven damask. For an added sense of opulence, tie in a metallic accent with a pair of silver sconces glittering on your headboard wall.

After a more modern vibe? Pick out a steel blue comforter set with a contemporary design, and flank the bedside with some interesting modern lighting. Perhaps a slate blue lamp will temper your transitional aesthetic with a more classic look. Contemporary decorators, meanwhile, might prefer a deep blue lamp with an abstractly designed shade. Either way, task lighting that doubles as artwork will grant visual interest as well as a soft glow to read by at night!

How else can you incorporate this trendy new color into your decorating? You might try introducing it to the bathroom, where cool tones invite calm reflection. For example, you could hang an ocean blue shower curtain featuring a beautiful coastline. Let the color speak for itself against cerulean walls and a white tile floor. If a shower curtain is too much of a color commitment, invest in an indigo blue bathroom rug or a set of cotton towels that you can switch out quickly, should you ever tire of the shade.

The decorating possibilities are endless with Pantone's Color of the Year for 2020. Toss a few blue throw pillows onto an ivory canvas-covered sofa for an inky midnight look. Top a sofa table with a pair of ceramic candleholders in blue, or find a lovely vintage figurine garbed in this very hue. However you decide to decorate, let classic blue bring a splash of calming energy to your surroundings.