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Holiday Bath Accents
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Holiday Bath Accents

Hang a Christmas shower curtain featuring snowmen, chickadees, or even reindeer. Or, drape a matching set of towels over your wall rack for festive flair. Christmas bathroom decor includes bath accessories, shower hooks, and lotion dispensers just bursting with holiday cheer.

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Wondering if you should decorate your bathroom for the holidays? Although certainly not the first room to come to mind when you think of "decking the halls," the bath is actually a prime place to get creative with seasonal decor. Just think of all the little Christmassy elements you can sneak in, from holly shower curtain hooks to a Santa soap dispenser.

You could hang a Christmas shower curtain patterned with lace pine cones for a calming country vibe. Or, you might top your vanity with a matching bath ensemble in ivory, red, and green. Treat visitors to a winter retreat in the guest bath, or relax into plush towels and rugs in the comfort of your own personal bathroom.

    In this high-traffic area, visitors are more likely to pause and reflect on your decorations. So why not spruce the place up with some Christmas bathroom decor?

  • Shower Curtains: Since they stretch out to cover such a wide area, shower curtains are the perfect way to show off your favorite designs in the bathroom. For example, you could hang a snowman shower curtain, then top your toilet tank with an adorable snowman figurine. Or, flaunt a gold and red shower curtain, and flank your tub with a poinsettia-shaped runner.

  • Towels: Your walls just aren't complete until you have a matching set of towels draped elegantly over the rack. Often, these sets include a hand, bath, and fingertip towel. Find Christmas bath towels with elegant holly leaf prints on light cream cotton. Or, let Christmas tree motifs flourish, and tie it all together with a pine wreath in a repurposed red picture frame overhead.

  • Rugs: There's nothing more jarring than stepping from a warm shower onto the hard chilly floor. Let Christmas bathroom rugs cushion your step with soft, sheared fabric. A central evergreen tree design, ornamented with baubles and gift boxes, is absolutely darling. Why not display a dish of individually-wrapped soaps made to look like miniature presents on your sink top?

  • Bath Ensembles: If you like for your toothbrush holder to match your wastebasket and just about everything else, you're in luck! Each unique style of Christmas bathroom accessories is color-coordinated and shares similar motifs. Admire ribboned holly wreaths on a tissue cover, a snowman on a soap dish, or poinsettias on a lotion pump.

Best of all, from our Poinsettia Charm collection to French Perle(TM) Groove from Lenox(R), it's easy to find matching products, so your bathroom looks truly designer-worthy.