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Entryway Wall Mirrors
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Shop Striking Foyer Mirrors

Your foyer will greet guests with inviting light and spaciousness, when you decorate with entryway mirrors. Mount a large mirror above a console table, display a few differently sized mirrors on one wall or let an unusual mirror steal the show as a stand-alone focal point. Mirrors for entryway rooms come in all shapes and sizes, plus you're bound to find your favorite finish when you sort by color.

Make a great first impression on visitors with a mirror that appears to enlarge the room. Mirrors will also reflect light and brighten up drab walls, so you're free to focus more on stylistic choices. Flank your mirror with wall sconces for a magnificent presentation. Give your Italian-inspired foyer a taste of Tuscany with an entryway mirror adorned in metal scrollwork or rich, dark wood. Or, create Eastern elegance with a mirror bordered in metallic gingko leaves or geometric, Oriental lattice. Decorative mirrors for entryway areas can also instill a sense of modernity, with contemporary shapes and trendy colors. Still, if you prefer a more classic approach, our traditional mirrors will garnish your foyer with intricate frames in aged finishes.

Entryway Mirrors in Fabulous Finishes

Entryway mirrors from Touch of Class® will present you with an endless range of color options, so you can coordinate them seamlessly with your decor. Choose a mirror set of varying shapes and sizes in gold; this overarching color brings unity to your display, even as the distinct shapes provide interesting contrast. Highlight the whitewash finish of your console table with a mirror sharing a similar color; distressed, antique ivory will lend wistful beauty to your mirror and table combo. From jet black to light bronze, from classic cherry to honey oak, any color is possible with these diverse accent mirrors. Entryway rooms can be dialed back or even amplified with just the right color. Experiment with breathtaking hues, fantastical shapes and bizarre frames to give your foyer an instant aura of brilliance.