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Decorative Toilet Seats

Decorative Toilet Seats

Find a white elongated toilet seat just perfect for your bathroom, or go for a standard size with a genuine dollar bill suspended in the lid. From the quirky to the unusual, these toilet seats offer finishes like champagne gold, blue, and beige.

Shop standard sizes up to 16.5" in length, or pick elongated sizes up to 18" in length. Your perfect fit and style await!

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Is your bathroom lacking in the personality department? It can be discouraging to walk through a beautifully-decorated home—only to be greeted with a stark, utilitarian bathroom. Fortunately, toilet seats with designs will take your lavatory from blasé to bold.

Which will you choose? Designer toilet seats run the gamut from low-key elegance to the beautifully bizarre. For example, you can keep it traditional with a twist, and find a white elongated toilet seat with mother-of-pearl designs. Although the subtle swirls certainly warrant a double-take, they won't dominate the room and will blend well with a white toilet.

But perhaps your aim is to impress in the guest bathroom—or to create an air of luxury in the master bath. In which case, shop seats with glittery mosaic details or even fluted motifs reminiscent of a Greek column. Finishes of scintillating silver gray, champagne gold, or rose can be incorporated into your shower curtain or a floor mat for a more cohesive atmosphere.

Imagine the most serene setting you can think of, and try to bring that sense of tranquility into your bathroom. Do you picture a tropical horizon and soft, powdery sands? Then go for a seat with raised palm trees on the lid. Do you picture whispering waves and rolling dunes, with seagulls calling overhead? In that case, find pretty toilet seats with seashells, and give your beach house an authentic touch.

If you're looking to bring your bathroom into the twenty-first century, why not spring for something more modern? Consider a transparent toilet seat with bits of silver or gold foil suspended in the seat and lid. Or, pick a style with geometric, marble tile designs, and adorn the nearby sink with a matching bath ensemble.

Your current toilet seat has seen better days, especially if it's been around for a while. Switch it out for something with rust-resistant hinges and the perfect fit. You can find beautiful toilet seats in precisely the size you need. An 18-inch toilet seat would be perfect for your elongated toilet, while a standard size is generally 16 inches long. Be sure to measure the distance down the center, from the front of the toilet to the bolt holes, to determine which size you'll need.

Pick out a toilet seat that will transform your bathroom, making it every bit as wow-worthy as the rest of your home!