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Touch of Class

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Decorating with Wall Mirrors

A wall mirror serves as more than a looking glass! A well-chosen wall mirror will give a sense of depth and light to your room, while adding decorative embellishment. Whether you lean toward chic simplicity or grand style, there’s a wall mirror among the Touch of Class® selection for every taste! Take a look at the images below to see the various ways we decorated with wall mirrors.

Decorating with a Single Wall Mirror

Get creative! A wall mirror isn’t limited to the typical places, like the entryway or above the sink. An ornamental wall mirror can act like a piece of artwork when it’s placed above the headboard in the bedroom; or, you might find that a wall mirror looks just right displayed above the fireplace mantel.

Vivienne Wall Mirror over Camelot Comforter in Almond Floressa Wall Mirror and Florentina Table Linens

Decorating with Multiple Wall Mirrors

Increase the decorating impact of wall mirrors by hanging them in multiples. Slender panel mirrors with teardrop shapes will create a mesmerizing cascading effect when placed side by side. You can even cover an entire wall with a gallery-like display of mirrored wall art or accent mirrors and sconces.

Mirror Collage over a Sofa Teardrop Mirror Panels in Platinum

Decorating with Adjacent Wall Mirrors

Instead of one large mirror in the entryway area, consider placing a narrow panel mirror on either side of a scrolling wall grille for symmetry. Even a window treatment can benefit from wall mirrors! Hang matching mirrors on the left and right sides of a window for a completed, polished appearance.

Teardrop Mirrors with Chamberlain Wide Curtains Alistair Mirrors in Entryway

Decorating with Multifunctional Wall Mirrors

For a bit of organizational help, try a wall mirror with hooks, a drawer, or a shelf. A wall mirror with hooks is a convenient place to hang hats or jackets; plus, you can check your appearance before you head out the door! Multifunctional wall mirrors are great for entryways, mudrooms, and bedrooms.

Karter Mirrored Wall Shelf with Drawer and Hooks Dentil Pediment Windsor Oak Wall Mirror with Hooks

Decorating with Wall Mirrors and Coordinating Accessories

There’s something satisfying about pairing a mirror with a coordinating shelf or other accessories. Purchase items from a collection, and you won’t have to worry about matching finishes. Even wall sconces can create an extravagant display when coupled with a matching mirror.

Floressa Wall Mirror, Shelf, and Sconces Calissa Oval Wall Mirror and Shelf