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Cushioned Floor Mats
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Cushioned Floor Mats

Browse kitchen runner rugs cushioned with pillowy foam. Then, let bathroom rugs and mats provide a pleasant transition from the shower to the tile floor. Shop colors like blush pink, navy blue, or soft latte, and choose from designs like roosters, fruits, and florals.

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You try to make your bed as comfortable as possible, so why not your floors? Kitchen runner rugs with memory foam are just the thing for a narrow stretch of floor, say between the counter and a central island. Or, if you're tired of the standard shag rug next to the bathtub, switch things up with bathroom rugs and mats. A wealth of prints, from multicolor songbirds to painterly grapes, adds interest to these otherwise forgettable spaces as well.

No matter which style you choose, you're sure to find comfort in foam floor mats. A memory foam bath rug is a pleasant resting spot for your feet after a relaxing shower. Choose a mat in a soft blush color, patterned allover with vining roses and leaves. You could work similar shades of dusty pink into your valance or perhaps into the marbled bath accessories atop your sink.

Tired of standing around in front of the sink and stove, when you've already been on your feet all day? Let cushioned kitchen mats take the tedium out of washing dishes or preparing a meal. Plus, with an array of decorative kitchen floor mats, you can introduce visual interest to just about anywhere. How about a cluster of wine bottles amongst grape leaves and wheels of cheese? Or, choose something more subtle, such as a Moorish tile pattern on solid navy blue or sage green.

When you need a decorative twist as well as a cushy place to stand, turn to a kitchen comfort mat or runner mat for the bathroom. Whether it's a garden scene brimming with hummingbirds or a calming seascape, these charming designs will captivate you, as well as conform perfectly to your feet!