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Coverlet and Quilt Bedding Guide

Wondering if a Twin size quilt will work for your guest room-office? Or which style of coverlet might look best in a boho bedroom? If you're considering decorating with either of these lightweight bed linens, take a moment to skim through this buying guide first. You'll be much better equipped to find the right bed linens for you, whether that means a cozy cotton quilt or a bright and punchy coverlet.

Which Size Quilt or Coverlet Should I Buy?

Mattress Dimensions

We have a more in-depth section on measuring your mattress for the perfect fit, but here are the basics:

  • In the product description (under the Sizes tab) for coverlets and quilts, you'll often see a sentence like this: "oversized quilt fits mattresses up to 15"."
  • This describes the maximum mattress thickness that a quilt or coverlet can accommodate. In this example, you would want to measure the depth (or thickness) of your mattress to be sure it doesn't exceed 15 inches.
  • Also pay attention to the length and width (or dimensions) of your mattress. If you own a mattress that measures 76" wide by 80" long, you have a King size mattress. So, you would want to choose a King size quilt.
  • If your mattress is thicker than 15", you might consider a "Super King size" quilt. These typically fit mattresses up to 16" and are perfect for an especially tall bed. Coverlets do not have a Super King option.

Which Color Quilt or Coverlet Should I Buy?

Consider the room where your new quilt or coverlet will be on display. Does it consist of mainly warm tones? Neutrals? Or does your palette run on the cooler side?

Warm Toned Quilt

Warm Tones: Spring for a quilt in shades like mocha, merlot, and auburn. A warm neutral, like a fawn quilt with crimson and pink roses, will complement a wooden nightstand finished in natural cherry. Likewise, a coverlet in solid rose quartz will radiate appeal alongside a champagne gold lamp.

Neutral Toned Coverlet

Neutral Tones: Colors like almond and vanilla make for the perfect neutral quilt. This might be a good addition to a bedroom done up in gold, taupe, or ivory. For those with cooler inclinations, try a coverlet in platinum gray. White end tables and a headboard add a sense of dimension to your surroundings.

Cool Toned Quilt

Cool Tones: For a soft and serene feel, choose a quilt set in celadon and mint. Add in pops of this willow-green shade with pottery on the dresser or perhaps in the spines of books on a nightstand. A coverlet in eye-popping teal, meanwhile, looks positively ravishing amongst green walls or navy blue toss pillows.

Which Style of Quilt or Coverlet Should I Buy?

Again, this depends largely on the sort of "setting" you're trying to recreate in your bedroom. Here are a few trending decor styles and how you might fit a quilt or coverlet into them:

Rustic Quilt

Rustic: Think a toasty log cabin with a barnwood table, lantern-style light fixtures, and a warm flannel blanket draped over the back of a couch. In your bedroom, go for a quilt with plaid piecing or perhaps even with the quintessential "log cabin" patchwork.

Modern Coverlet

Modern: Coverlets lend themselves well to a cutting-edge look. Try for something bold, like a coverlet streaked with brushstroke stripes in turquoise, teal, and midnight blue. This might look particularly fetching in a room with a tufted white headboard and an abstract light fixture.

Coastal Quilt

Coastal: Great for rooms where you'd like a bit of beachside whimsy, a patchwork quilt detailed with shells is just the thing for your bed. Prefer a more laid-back look? Go with a matelasse coverlet featuring innocuous sand dollars woven from dune-colored cotton. It's just the thing for a room with a shuttered headboard and jute rug.

Traditional Coverlet

Traditional: For those that prefer a more nostalgic tone, consider going for a quilt. Patchwork in particular conveys old-fashioned beauty with a twist: choose red and blue patchwork filled with paisley, medallions, and other exotic designs. Or, scale things back with a solid coverlet in ivory or white. This has the effect of an old French manor, if you're after a hint of aristocratic flair.

Should I Choose a "Reversible" Quilt or Coverlet?

This depends entirely on your tastes—do you aim for consistency and a stable decorating style? You might not need a quilt or a coverlet with a reversible design.

Reversible Coverlets

If on the other hand you're more spontaneous and love to switch things up, a reversible coverlet or quilt is an excellent investment. Differing patterns and colors on both the front and back of the bed covering mean you can display it however you like, depending on your mood.