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Create a light and airy ensemble with coastal bedding. Find bed linens in quenching cool blues or sandy neutrals, and relax into a plush comforter, bedspread, quilt, or coverlet.

Not sure what sort of bedding to go for? First, consider the weight of that bed covering you've been eyeing. Is it suitable for the climate you live in? Beach themed bedding can vary dramatically, from light and breathable to thick and insulating.

  • If you're decorating a seaside cottage in New England, a beach comforter will help you through those chilly winters. These bed coverings are plump with toasty fiber fill to keep you warm and comfortable.
  • Coverlets are airy and lightweight, well-suited for more tropical locations like a Florida beach house. You could also try coastal quilts, which won't feel too heavy on humid summer nights.
  • Coastal bedspreads offer a cozy middle ground, plus low-maintenance styling. Since they touch the floor, most don't require bedskirts to look complete. Although they too have fiber fill, bedspreads are not as insulating as comforters.
  • Finally, layering with coverlets and quilts is always an option, if you live somewhere where the weather tends to fluctuate between extremes.

Another consideration that should factor into your decision is material; what is this bedding made out of? Ocean themed bedding can be fashioned from polyester, cotton, or a blend of the two.

  • Polyester bedding is more durable and easier to care for than cotton. Polyester tends to trap heat, so it might be better-suited for a cooler bedroom.
  • Cotton bed ensembles are more breathable than polyester and also tend to be softer. If your bedroom is on the warmer side or you live in a muggy climate, go for cotton.
  • Polyester/cotton bedding offers the best of both worlds: the durability of polyester and the softness of cotton.

Once you've addressed these more practical concerns, you can focus on design. Coastal bedding sets and bedspreads serve as the mainstay of a beachy bedroom. Put your favorite spin on the classic American coastal style:

  • Nautical quilts and comforters offer a robust maritime vibe. Look out for lighthouse, anchor, and stripe motifs. Nautical bedding sets feature deep hues alongside lighter ones, like midnight blue and white.
  • Tropical beach bedding sets conjure Caribbean sunsets and Hawaiian panoramas. Adorned with tropical fish or coral branches, these bed ensembles feature colors like orange, aqua, lime green, and vermillion.
  • Choose seashell bedding for a subtle pastel accent. Showcase scallops, nautilus shells, and sand dollars in pale blue, peach, and more.

Whether you're 800 miles or a few steps away, you can live amongst the serene colors and soothing sights of the sea. Start with coastal bedding that echoes the very ocean itself.