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Touch of Class

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Choose a dark blue, ivory, or gold tablecloth with a ravishing design. Find a 90 inch or 70 inch round tablecloth, or go with one of the many oblong options from 60"x84" to 60"x140" in size. Pick out designs like damask, Victorian lace, or buffalo check, and let your dining room take shape.

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No longer just for opulent banquets and other fancy affairs, tablecloths are a staple of everyday decorating in today's home. For a trace of warmth in an austere dining room, let a gold tablecloth from Waterford(R) Linens add a honeyed glow. The shimmering fabric is a gorgeous foundation for black charger plates, creating a color dynamic that speaks to the room's relaxed sophistication.

Interested in more of a rustic farmhouse feel? You can't go wrong with a black and white checkered tablecloth. Buffalo check lends itself gorgeously to the warm grays that often dominate this style—those found in say, a birch bark vase or a whitewash egg crate filled with a decanter and glasses.

A log cabin look is easily achieved with a plaid tablecloth. Likewise, a checkered tablecloth with a small-scale print is also an option, reminiscent of a picnic blanket spread over a grassy, sunlit meadow. Red and white check looks glorious beneath a simple glass vase brimming with white blooms.

Before you get too carried away with design, it's usually a good idea to decide first which size you'll need. A 70 inch round tablecloth is an excellent choice for a table on the smaller side. This might be ideal for either a 36 or 48 inch round table, so long as you don't want the fabric overhang reaching the floor. If you find that you do need a little extra overhang, however, a 90 inch round tablecloth might be more your speed.

For those with a traditional rectangular or oval table, an oblong 60"x120" tablecloth is an apt choice, though you can also find dimensions like 60"x84" up to 140", depending on your needs. Generally speaking, a 6 or 8 foot long rectangular table will look best with the 60"x120" size. Anything shorter in length will require the 60"x84" dimensions, while even longer tables are certain to require the 60"x140" tablecloth.

    Still not sure exactly which size to buy? You have a couple of ways to go about this:

  • For round tables, measure the diameter of your table. Then, measure the desired drop (from the table's edge down to where you would like the tablecloth to hang.) Multiply the drop by two. Then add it to your diameter measurement. This will give you the necessary diameter of your tablecloth.
  • For rectangular or oval tables, measure the width of your table. Then, measure the length. Next, measure the desired drop (again, from the table's edge down to where you'd like the tablecloth to hang.) Multiply the drop by two. Then add this measurement to both the width and the length. This will give you the necessary width and length of your tablecloth.

It's as simple as that! Decide on which color you need, whether that's dark blue, crisp white, or rich burgundy, and give your ordinary dining table a decorative boost.