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Donna Sharp Quilts
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Donna Sharp Quilts

Explore a premier brand of uniquely beautiful and expertly-crafted quilts, all made in America. Donna Sharp, a 5th-generation quilter who learned the craft from her mother, demonstrates an extraordinary talent for mixing color and creating works of art. Along with her team of Kentucky artisans, Donna designs her own fabrics to combine artfully into captivating patterns.

"Every quilt tells a unique story. Some yell, some whisper, some speak to your heart, but all speak in their own visual language. The colors and prints chosen, their arrangement, relationship and composition, the proportion of the various components and the stitches which hold them all together - if only one of these is out of balance, the story will be just chatter. However, when each comes together to form a harmonious whole, the result is poetic." - Donna Sharp

Dive into log cabin quilts, patchwork bedding and more from Donna Sharp. Quilts in a range of sizes and colors will transform your bedroom.

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From log cabin quilts to pretty patchwork ensembles, Donna Sharp bedding has just the look you want. Discover a wealth of intricate designs; delightfully unusual color schemes only add to the intrigue, elevating your bed to focal point status. Pick out the perfect size, whether that's twin, full/queen or king, and don't forget matching shams, bedskirts, and even valances to really tie the room together. Cozy up to a Donna Sharp quilt; detailed patterns and myriad hues will be the crowning glory of your bedroom.

Create the cutting edge aesthetic you've always envisioned whenever you picture your dream home. These designer quilts lend a polished quality that takes your bedroom from ordinary to showroom-worthy. Pick out lodge quilts in earthy hues of jungle green and chocolate. For a more autumnal feel, choose bedding in brick red, copper and maroon. Black bear motifs and folksy plaids will bring out a warm, rustic vibe. If you prefer a more traditional aesthetic, you can't go wrong with a bandana quilt or even patchwork bedding featuring a gorgeous pieced star in the center.

Explore a wealth of patchwork quilt bedding from this illustrious designer. Black, dark gray and light cream patterns provide visual impact without overwhelming the room. Fabric blocks of stripes, solid colors and mini florals grant interest to the entire ensemble. You can also find a number of country patchwork quilts; teal and red hues paired with paisley and polka dots give any setting a whimsical feel. To get a more old-fashioned aura, however, your best bet is a wedding ring patchwork quilt. Yellow, blue and green on white offer an airy simplicity only heightened by floral prints.

Play up any theme, from cottage to Southwest, with one of these fine quilts from Donna Sharp. Ornamented with accent pillows and a trunk at the foot of the bed, your ensemble will impart grace on the whole room.