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Touch of Class

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Curate your own indoor collection with living room, patio, and bedroom canvas art! A range of subjects from Italian streets to poised peacocks will suit your own unique take on decorating.

Browse 2-piece canvas sets, triptychs, and many more artful ensembles.


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You'd be amazed at what a beautiful canvas can do for your room. In the bedroom, canvas art can conjure a sense of calm high above the headboard. Get lost in the depth of a serene forest scene, or let peacock plumage inform the cool jewel tones of your comforter below.

Pinpoint large canvas pictures for the living room as well. A long horizontal canvas depicting a gold and copper tree against a hazy metallic background will surely grant a moody ambience to your surroundings. Keep this natural motif going with a woven basket bowl on your coffee table, and fill it with orbs finished in hues of bronze and silver.

When decorating a modern entryway, on the other hand, it's important to strike the right balance between streamlined and artistic. Hang up canvas abstract wall art with clean, delineated shapes that will play right in to the geometrics found on the rug below. A standalone canvas can be hung over a potted plant in the corner, or you might hang a set of canvases over your console.

What sort of an arrangement do you wish to create? A set of two canvases adds instant symmetry to a display. You can hang each piece at differing heights to create even more visual impact. Or, go for a triptych canvas set instead and proudly put a trio of artwork on display. Each canvas combines to create a full scene fragmented into three pieces. Finally, you can also find sets of four or even five if you're trying to cover a wider area, like the space above your couch.

Trying to decide on a decorating approach? If you've a flair for the exotic, peacock feather art will introduce a kaleidoscopic array of colors into your home. Utilize splashes of aqua, green, and brown in your accent pillows or perhaps window treatments.

If you're trying to conjure a more Mediterranean state-of-mind, spring for handpainted oils of rolling Italian fields flourishing with sunflowers. Italy canvas wall art will situate you in a Tuscan setting, whether it's a banquet overlooking a vineyard or a village by the sea.

Looking to spark creativity on your back patio? You'll find countless outdoor canvases for just this purpose. Plus, if you're looking to play with light and color, lighted canvases portray dreamy sights, from chandeliers to lighthouses. Find just what you need in one of these wondrous pieces of art!