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Bedspread Bedding Glossary

Looking to buy a bedspread but not completely sure what all of these terms mean? Just scroll through the list below to find definitions on anything from "chenille" to "pillow tuck." A better understanding of these will make it that much easier to find precisely the bedspread you want.

Mattress Sizes (in inches):

Twin 39"x75", Full 54"x75", Queen 60"x80", King 76"x80", Cal King 72"x84"

Box Stitch Quilting
Box Stitch Quilting
A stitch design that forms an overall pattern of squares; fill is locked inside each square.

California King Mattress
California King (Western King)
A mattress that is 4 inches longer but 4 inches narrower than a standard King mattress.

Channel Stitch Quilting
Channel Stitch Quilting
A horizontal or vertical stitch design that holds fill in place.

Cotton Bedspread with Chenille TuftsChenille Bedspread

First: Bedspread Face (Pure Cotton Tufted with Chenille)

Second: Bedspread Face (Close-Up of Chenille Tufts)

Chenille Bedspread
A single-layer bed covering embellished by tufted, velvety yarns that often form patterns; this bedspread is usually pure cotton.

Dash Stitch QuiltingDash Stitch Quilting Close Up

First: Bedspread Face (Circle Tack Quilting)

Second: Bedspread Backing (Circle Tack Quilting)

Dash Stitch Quilting (Tack Quilting)
A pattern of short stitches that keeps the fill secure between the bedspread face and backing; forms a simplistic, non-decorative stitch pattern; will not create a continuous overall pattern.

Diamond Stitch Quilting
Diamond Stitch Quilting
A stitch design that forms an overall pattern of diamonds; fill is locked inside each diamond.

Bedspread Flange
Wide, flat trim that extends off three sides of a bedspread and acts as a decorative border.

Flounce Bedspread
A bed covering with a gathered drop along the mattress edge.

Gusseted Corner
Gusseted Corner (Gusseted Inset)
A small piece of fabric sewn under split corners to hide the bed frame and finish the look of a bedspread.

Hand Guided Quilting
Hand-Guided Quilting
Machine-quilting that is controlled by human hands (not the machine itself); allows for intricate patterns and designs.

Matelasse BedspreadMatelasse Bedspread Close Up

First: Bedspread Face (With Vining Floral Designs)

Second: Bedspread Face (Close-Up of Vining Floral Designs)

Matelasse Bedspread
A single-layer, lightweight bed covering that is woven or stitched so it appears quilted or padded.

Quilted Bedspread
Stitched designs on a bedspread that serve three purposes: holding batting in place, binding fabric layers together, and providing decorative flair.

Reverse Tuck Flap
Reverse Tuck Flap
A design feature that allows a bed covering to span the entire bed with extra length to flip over and cover the tops of pillows.

Scalloped Bedspread
Scalloped Edge
A decorative border that creates a series of curves and a wavy pattern along the bottom edges of a bedspread.

Shirred Bedspread
Shirring (Ruching)
A decorative element created when fabric is bunched by several rows of parallel-running stitches.

Swag Corner on a Bedspread
Swag Design (Swag Corner)
An upward-curving, u-shaped design quilted or woven to create a ripple effect along the bell corners and drops of some bedspreads.

Tailored Fit Bedspread
Tailored Fit
A bedspread length that is not designed to cover your pillows; usually has a pleated or gathered, flounce-style drop.

Pillow Tuck
Turn Back (Pillow Tuck)
Extra length in a bedspread that covers and then tucks under pillows.

Tip: A generous turn back will allow a Twin size bedspread to be used on an Extra-Long Twin bed.

Vermicelli Quilting
Vermicelli Stitch Quilting (Vur-mi-chel-ee)
A stitch pattern that involves a continuous, meandering design; pattern never crosses over itself.