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Bath Terms Glossary

If you're decorating your bathroom, you're bound to run into a few questions: what is teak, for example, and what makes it such a popular material for the shower? What is chrome plating or the term "GSM," which always seems to pop up when shopping for towels? Perfecting your own personal spa is made so much easier when you know what all of these mystifying terms mean. Take a moment to scan each definition, and shopping online for bathroom essentials is bound to be made easier.

Beveled Glass on a Jewelry Stand
Beveled Glass
The quality of mirror glass where the outer edges slope slightly.

Cabriole Legs on a Vanity Chair
Cabriole Legs
Table or chair legs that form a slight "S" shape with an outward-facing curve at the top of the leg and an inward-facing curve near the bottom of the leg.

Capiz Shell Mirror Frame
Capiz Shell
The interior of an oyster shell used to create decorative items, like mirror frames or toilet seat lids.

Chrome Plated Towel Rack

Chrome-Plated (Plated Steel)
Metal that has a thin outer layer of chrome (or steel) to increase hardness and minimize corrosion.

Cotton Velour Towel

Cotton Velour
A velvet-like fabric that originally comes from plant seeds; its high absorbency and durability make it a perfect choice for towels.

Decoupaged Print on a Wall Plaque
Decoupaged Print
A design that resembles the look of paper cut-outs layered over and over again with varnish or lacquer; this term refers mostly to wall plaques and vanity trays.

Towel Fibers
The "grams per square meter" of a towel that indicates fabric density; the higher the number, the higher the quality.

Heat Set Nylon Rug
Heat Set Nylon
A synthetic fabric that is treated with a thermal process that makes it more durable and resistant to wear-and-tear.

Heat Transfer Print on Mat
Heat Transfer Print
A design that is transferred from one surface to another (such as onto a floor mat) using a heat press machine.

Double Hooded Caster
Hooded Double Caster
A covered mount that attaches to the wheel on a vanity chair that allows for easy rolling in a full 360 degrees.

Iridescent Shells on a Bath Accent

A quality of bath accessories, shower curtains, or even toilet seats where the colors seem to change when viewed from different angles.

Lithographic Print
Lithographic Print
A piece of art produced by taking oil-based ink impressions from a flat metal plate.

Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl
The iridescent interior of mollusks used to create toilet seat lids and other decorative flourishes.

Microsuede Cushion
Polyester microfiber fabric that resembles suede and has a water-repellant surface.

Multi-Step Finish on a Vanity Chair
Multi-Step Finish
A method of applying multiple colors between layers of finish for a deep, rich look; this is commonly used in reference to vanity chairs and shelves.

A finish resembling a pearl in luster with an often iridescent quality.

Polyurethane Mat
A synthetic foam that is popular as fill for vanity chairs or cushioned bathroom mats.

Powder Coated Finish
Powder Coated
Metal that is sprayed with a dry, fine-grained substance that is then hardened into a durable outer layer in an oven; this layer is resistant to tarnish, so it's commonly used on bathroom fixtures.

Sheared Cotton Towel
Sheared Cotton
Cotton with terry loops that are snipped at the top, allowing the fibers to bloom for a smooth, flat towel.

A tropical hardwood known for its durability and water resistance; this material is ideal for shower benches, hampers, and other bathroom furnishings routinely exposed to moisture.

Terry Looped Cotton Towel
Terry Looped Cotton
Cotton fibers that form long loops to better lock in moisture; this creates a fluffy, nubby-feeling towel.

Waterproof Liner
Waterproof Liner
A length of vinyl that is attached behind your fabric shower curtain to protect it from mildew or water damage.