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Wide Width Curtains
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Extra Wide Curtains in Magnificent Styles

Extra wide curtains make French doors and broad windows even more extravagant. These window treatments will enhance the beauty of a large window without appearing sparse. On the contrary, the ample fabric supplied by wide width curtains will bunch into a sumptuous gather on both sides of your window. Simply draw your panels shut for instant relief from a busy road or a bright streetlight.

Imagine your curtain panels sweeping to either side, unveiling the scenery beyond your window. Curtains with grommet rings or tab tops make for ease of movement on your curtain rod. If your French doors are constantly swinging on their hinges, a grommet or tab top window treatment is a must. Just part your curtains without a second thought and invite in guests or usher out the dog. You can also browse our sliding door curtains for wide windows that move to one side, putting your courtyard or garden on full display.

Shop Curtains for Wide Windows

Curtains for wide windows may also have room darkening or thermal qualities. However breathtaking the view may be, larger windows and French doors are notorious for permitting light, heat and cold air into the home. Reduce the blinding effect of that westward-facing window with room darkening curtains; insulate panes from summer heat and winter freeze with a thermal wide window treatment. Finally, our sliding glass door curtains with thermal or light-blocking properties are ideal for your patio doors.

Whether you're enhancing a window or a double French door, curtains should contribute in some part to the surrounding space. Balance out an area with bold patterns or pigments using a solid color window treatment. Enliven an understated room with an elaborate print or a splashy color scheme. You can also bring vibrant hues to walls with floral swags and wall pockets. If your window is particularly wide, furnish it with four curtain panels, then cinch the two in the center with one decorative tieback. This exerts a palatial and polished look on the entire room. Our patio door curtains, on the other hand, look casual and low-key with grommet rings and tab tops.

Extra wide curtain panels bring a fullness to your windows and French doors that can't be realized with bare panes and stark glass. Tone back that wide-eyed look and turn up the style on your windows with these wide window curtains.