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Water Fountains

Decorative Water Fountains for Tables, Walls & Floors

Nothing says serenity quite like a water fountain. The sound of gently flowing water will soothe and relax you after a hard day. Fountains can adorn foyers and vacant corners, or you can introduce them to your entry garden or sun porch. Whether you're looking to enhance your home office or your patio area, our water fountains will instill a soothing aesthetic in your environment.

Create your own tranquil oasis in any room, regardless of available floor space. Choose tabletop water fountains for areas with limited space below, and embellish an entryway table or a sprawling desk. As free-standing focal points, floor fountains will command attention in your courtyard or can fill a foyer corner with quiet burbling. Last, mount wall fountains in living rooms, meditation rooms or sunrooms to evoke a sense of peace and relaxation.

Indoor & Outdoor Fountains

Many of our water fountains are indoor/outdoor, and some have LED lights to enhance the mood. Arrange an indoor outdoor water fountain among potted plants and patio furniture in summer months, then transport your decorative fountain inside during wintertime. Construct an illuminated pathway through your garden with lighted outdoor water fountains, and bring ambience to your outdoor areas.

For decorators with a specific style in mind, a themed water fountain furnishes tranquility with a twist. Southwest fountains will transform your backyard into a desert oasis; faux pottery and old ranch artifacts foster an arid atmosphere, indoors or out. Let seashell fountains deliver an aquatic melody to your coastal theme, while Buddha water fountains promote stillness in Asian-inspired rooms.

Explore our unique water fountains for a beautiful and calming accent. Their interesting designs, including cupped leaves and tilted pots, will create a stunning cascade of water. Let its gentle murmur lull you into a quiet reverie, while vivid colors and charming accents freshen your decor.