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Wall Shelves
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Explore Decorative Wall Shelves

Decorative wall shelves add drama to your vertical space. Our wall shelves will provide a stage for your own creative display. Arrange a red-figure urn on a Grecian column shelf or tuck beloved curios into the alcoves of a display shelf. No matter what your prized collectible is, wall shelves give your decorative accents a place to shine.

With ornamental details like grapes, acanthus leaves and cherubs, our decorative shelves for walls furnish your accents with a suitable display setting. A marble-look shelf adorned with gleaming gilt work is the natural foundation for your Victorian music box. To evoke the nostalgia of the Old West, just display your potted succulents on a decorative metal wall shelf with weathered wagon wheels. Or, if you're keen to show off your pine cone-shaped candles, simply place them on a shelf made to resemble natural wooden logs.

Decorative Wall Shelf Displays

If your favorite accents could use a little restoration, you can shake up your shelf arrangement as well. Shelf sets allow you to group decorative wall shelves into striking combinations. Mount varying sizes at different heights along the wall for graphic contrast. Then, designate an individual platform for each of your figurines and watch them interact. You can also utilize the sleek, modern look of floating wall shelves for a quick change. Their illusion of “hovering” will carry through to your accents, putting a new spin on your shelf decor. Get a more modern edge with contemporary wall sconces hung near your decorative shelves.

If you're still not sure how to approach your vertical display, set a shelf sitter atop your decorative wall shelf. A demure flapper girl will dangle her kitten heels over its edge, while roosting chickens crane their necks to peer below. The key is to get creative, and with a few fashionable wall shelves, you can do just that. You can also decorate walls with floral swags and wall pockets.