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Wall Sconces
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Shop Candle Wall Sconces

Decorative wall sconces can be used to beautify a variety of areas in the home. Our wall sconce selection includes many styles and finishes. Shop iron wall sconces, Brass Wall Sconces and other metal wall sconces. Add your candles to our Pillar Candle Wall Sconces, Taper Candle Wall Sconces, Hurricane Wall Sconces and Wall Candelabras to create an elegant display. We have also sorted our sconce selection into Small Wall Sconces, Medium Wall Sconces, and Large Wall Sconces, so you can find the perfect size.

Candle wall sconces conduct a drama of shadow and light upon your surroundings. Position a wall sconce pair on either side of a canvas, and watch as the mood of the artwork transforms. Mount a procession of candle sconces above a staircase, and watch ordinary steps evolve into a romantic passageway. Over your headboard, sconces look elegant above your bed ensemble. A hanging candle sconce, in particular, looks chic and ultramodern. If you have a wall in need of revival, decorative wall sconces will bathe it in their enchanting glow. Obtain an intriguing look with our vast collection of wall sconce lighting.

Wall Candle Sconces to Match Any Theme

Most Touch of Class wall sconces are crafted from metals such as wrought iron, or you can decorate with brass wall sconces. Metal and glass sconces also make for a dazzling presentation. A variety of finishes, from antique bronze to champagne gold, ensures that metal wall sconces for candles match your color scheme. Bronze wall sconces lend a weighty presence, while rustic wall sconces flaunt finishes of aged copper or brushed gold. Wall sconces also come with or without glass shades for candles. For example, a hurricane sconce includes a glass chimney that looks elegant and shields your candle flame. Let our contemporary wall sconces revolutionize your vertical display.

Once you've determined color and design, consider style. Our antique wall sconces radiate the vibe of a Victorian manor or a baroque palace. Embellishments include fleur-de-lis designs, acanthus leaves and elaborate scrollwork. Modern wall sconces feature abstract motifs or geometric patterns. Survey our selection of wall sconce candle holders for a variety of intriguing designs.

Need additional ideas for decorating with sconces? Hang a wall sconce pair over a console table or on either side of a mirror. If this arrangement strikes you as too busy, wall candelabras can serve as a central point of interest. You can also use mirrored sconces to reflect candlelight. With wall sconces, candle holders for walls and more, there is simply no end to the displays you can create!