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Wall Plaques
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Wall Plaques for a Striking Display

Surround yourself with uplifting sights or simply tie your walls into your color scheme; there's no wrong way to decorate with wall plaques. Transform your bathroom into a spa retreat with a few dreamy scenes; hang plaques depicting clawfoot tubs and thriving plants, plush towels and fragrant bath oils. Or, adorn your walls with vibrant bouquets to highlight the soft pinks and buttery yellows in your prized curtains. Decorative wall plaques will foster whatever artistic vision you have in mind.

When you need a touch of interest or color on your walls, decorative plaques provide the visual appeal you desire. an attractive, fragmentary wall display with a triptych set. For an intriguing optical effect, feature convex and concave wall art panels side by side. Their rippling look will carry your eyes. Otherwise, let regal gravitas sweep the room with medallion wall plaque sets. Even a standalone piece of wall plaque art will hold its own with elaborate details and captivating beauty. Scope our art wall decor selection for fetching plaques.

Decorative Wall Plaques & Plaque Sets

What sort of mood or ambience will your wall plaques evoke? Floral and leaf artwork will bring a nature-inspired flourish to your wall. Watch handcrafted, porcelain petals project from a vintage-look frame or let clusters of blossoms unfurl on wooden plaques. Contemporary wall artwork boasts bold, abstract designs, while depictions of wine bottles and other Italian wall plaques perfect your Tuscan style theme.

You can also train your decorating focus on distinct areas in the home. Depictions of fruit bowls and haughty roosters make for ideal kitchen wall plaques. Portrayals of lighthouses, beaches and bays provide refreshing views of calm waters, perfect for over the bathtub or above the sink. Wall plaques, however you use them, will lift your spirits and even emphasize a beloved pattern or color. Embellish your walls with striking scenes or modern graphics for an instant enhancement to any room. Finally, you can even find outdoor plaques for your patio or porch.