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Wall Art

Wooden and Metal Wall Art

Even the most stylishly decorated room can look incomplete without wall art. We offer a variety of wall art to suit many tastes and styles. Shop artwork that includes metal wall art and wooden wall art to find a piece that resonates with you. Art wall decor will bring a more finished appearance to your room. Embellish your favorite decorating theme with Southwest Wall Art, Coastal Wall Art or Tropical Wall Art. If you prefer classic motifs, browse our Traditional Wall Art; for contemporary, abstract designs, shop Modern Wall Art. Conjure up images of nature with Flower Wall Art, Natural Elements Wall Art and Animal Wall Art. Express your musical interests in artistic fashion with Music Wall Art. For other artwork needs, shop Word Wall Art, Puzzle Piece Wall Art and More Wall Art.

Wooden and Metal Wall Decor for the Home

Touch of Class wall art performs on more than just a basic level. Find wall artwork to brighten your environment and, above all, inspire you. Replace those tired decorations with something more meaningful, such as metal wall art that resembles a blazing sun. Tree metal wall sculptures flaunt limbs filled with colorful leaves, evoking the majesty of autumn no matter the season. Or, enliven your environs with birds wall art, and allow charming songbirds to perch upon branches featured on wall art plaques. A variety of resin wall art, wooden wall art and metal wall decor pieces awaits you, when you shop our wall hangings. Survey our unique wall art for a distinctive piece. Plus, mount decorative wall sconces to give your display some extra oomph. Framed wall art, meanwhile, bestows a trim, polished quality on any vignette.

To begin your search for expressive artwork, take a cue from your existing decor. Use metallic and wood wall art to your advantage and instill a certain vibe in viewers as their eyes explore your walls. Wood wall decor with metal accents blends these two materials for an appealing effect. Or, decide on a handcrafted metal wall sculpture, when you're after a more robust element. Framed art, on the other hand, makes for a traditional look.

Unleash your creativity with unique wall art decorations from Touch of Class. Enhance areas outside your home with outdoor wall decor art, or concentrate your efforts indoors with kitchen wall art, living room wall art and more. Peruse our collection of wall art for sale, and pinpoint the perfect statement piece.