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Thermal and Blackout Curtains

Room Darkening & Blackout Curtains

Room darkening curtains and blackout curtains are the ideal window treatment choices when you want to reduce the light that enters from outside. Room darkening drapes and blackout drapes are perfect for late risers, day sleepers or anyone who needs to limit the exterior light in a room. Many of these window treatments have thermal properties that can reduce outside noise and lower your heating and cooling costs. Thermal insulated window treatments can help to keep out the cold in the winter and block the sun's heat in the summer. We offer thermal curtains and blackout curtains in a variety of colors and styles: rod pocket curtains, tab-top curtains and grommet-top curtains. Our selection also includes popular types, including Thermalogic, Eclipse Thermaback and Eclipse Thermaweave. Some curtain panels are available in wide width and long length sizes for special window treatment needs.

Saving Energy with Thermal Curtains

Have a window that blares sound straight from the city streets? How about a window that acts as a revolving door for winter chill and summer swelter? Energy efficient curtains have thermal properties that can help. Light and noise reducing curtains make for a more soothing atmosphere. These compact curtains are not strictly functional however; they will also complement your indoor aesthetic with a selection of colors and motifs, from paisley print to Jacobean floral.

If harsh light all but floods through your current window ensemble, but you just can't bear to part with that lucky vintage find or your heirloom drapery, invest in a couple of blackout curtain panel liners. Just position them behind your curtain pair of choice. These adaptable liners will temper sun rays, streetlights or whatever else is holding you back from a good night's (or day's) sleep. When you need a change, a new pair of light blocking curtains should do the trick.

Although they all reduce intrusive light, thermal, blackout and room darkening curtains provide a diverse range of styling options. Choose a window treatment with a rod pocket for a little traditional flair; a rod pocket can also obscure a shabby curtain rod. Meanwhile, grommet top or tab top curtains slide easily on a curtain rod, an ideal feature for your patio doors. With so many style and design choices at your service, blocking light and saving energy has never been so glamorous with thermal insulated curtains!