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Tealight & Votive Holders

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Tealight & Votive Candle Holders

Unveil a bird cage candle holder, when you shop our tealight and votive holders. Glass candlecups and metal birds alike perch on a tree branch protruding from the center. Introduce your tealight candles, and let flames flicker serenely for a charming presentation. Survey our tealight and votive holders for a centerpiece that will enliven your tabletop display. Go for a rustic design, and play up the agrarian appeal of a barnwood table. Or, add a splash of color with one of our capiz shell tealight holders, and keep your decor from venturing into drab territory. Shop our selection for unique candle holders that will revitalize any arrangement.

Turn to the animal kingdom for some inspiration with a peacock tealight candle holder. Crafted from capiz shell, this striking bird fans tail feathers of blue, green, yellow and black. Tealight candles mounted behind his plumage cast a mesmerizing glow through the translucent shell accents. A butterfly tealight candle holder set utilizes capiz shell and candlelight for a similar effect. Shades such as green, yellow, purple and blue look resplendent on openwork butterfly wings. Tealight or votive candles will glimmer behind patterned capiz shell for a brilliant exhibition.

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For a lovely focal point, look no further than a tealight holder vase. Fill each candlecup with a tealight candle, then place a striking floral arrangement inside the central glass vase. Wrought iron scrolls bestow rustic sophistication on the entire piece. If, on the other hand, you decide to decorate an outdoor table, showcase a set of openwork lanterns. A lit tealight or votive candle in each one shines glimmering light through the geometric holes.

Furnish elegance to a dinner table with a tealight candelabra featuring metal blossoms, or rely on capiz shell tealight holders for a vibrant spectacle. Our tealight and votive holders evoke intrigue in all who lay eyes on them.