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Tapestry Rods and Tassels

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When selecting a rod to present your prized tapestry, choose carefully. Tapestry rods can make or break your overall display. Look for decorative finials, stately tassels and comely embellishments. Choose something too simplistic, and your hardware could detract from the rich presence of your wall hanging. Complement your classical artwork with a tapestry rod featuring marbleized finials. Embrace a basic yet refined look with a rod finished in gleaming antique pewter.

If your wall hanging embraces a certain theme, sort through our tapestries by your preferred style, such as old world or transitional. Artworks portraying wildlife mesh beautifully with the earthy finishes and tortoise designs of our safari and African rods. Aesthetic scrolls and plumed leaves impart ancient elegance with our Greek and Roman rods. Our traditional tapestry hanging rods include an assortment of classic finishes, from Egyptian gold to matte black, and showcase elaborate finials as well. French tapestry rods parade fleur-de-lis accents, while transitional styles furnish timeless designs with a modern edge. Finally, our basic elements category offers understated rods to complement your tapestry.

Tapestry Hanging Rods Ideal for Any Display

Tapestry rods and tassels resonate an opulent aura that will enrich your woven wall hanging. Drape a pair of tapestry tassels over each end of your decorative rod. Multicolored fringe, such as plum and gold or sage and ivory, will accentuate colors present in your artwork. Highlight the lush greenery present in a tapestry depicting an Italian street. Crystal accents and beaded balls adorn the tops of other tassels, bringing an ornamental element to the entire display. Paired with a coordinating rod, tassels provide classic grandeur to your tapestry.

A tapestry rod with crystal orb finials will lend a luminescent sparkle to your hanging, while a metal rod accented with openwork designs creates an intricate touch. Whatever look you'd like to achieve, decorative rods are the linchpins of a stunning display. Let rods and tassels furnish the finishing touch to your tapestry.