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Table and Floor Sculptures

Decorative Statues in Every Style Imaginable

Decorative sculptures will provide a dramatic presence to your home decor. Envision a mermaid statuette basking above your coastal candles or seashell display. Or, place a meditative buddha alongside your incense bowl for a pinch of serenity. Table and floor sculptures can evoke mythical sights and homey feelings alike with their stunning, realistic details. The furrows in a cowboy's stern brow and the sleek musculature of a leaping ballerina make for just the sort of impact that empty space needs. Find a statue for sale that will reinvigorate a tired setting.

First and foremost, find a floor or table sculpture that reflects your style. Our attractive selection of decorative statues presents a variety of subjects, shapes and sizes. Conjure images of untouched wildlife with long-lashed giraffe sculptures or even thundering broncos for an Old West feel. Abstract swans connote lasting love, while cat and dog sculptures will charm with their expressive eyes and amusing antics. Browse our sculptures for sale for the perfect addition to your space. Indoor statues leave quite an impression, whether modern or traditional.

Explore Table & Floor Sculptures

Many home decor sculptures explore a range of human subjects as well. Love and family sculptures will remind you of those nearest your heart, while jazz musicians and entwined dancers get the blood flowing with musical statuettes. Our classic inspiration artwork, replete with Greek maidens and medieval heroes, will link your home with ancient civilizations. African natives, graceful geishas and Wild West warriors will humanize your African-safari, Oriental or Southwest themes. Modern sculptures are also a great way to go, when you need a cutting-edge vibe. Pair sculptures with swanky table & floor vases for added appeal.

If you're building an entire mood or setting around your home statues, cherub and angel sculptures reflect a quiet tranquility and grace. Meanwhile, contemporary sculptures for home decor instill a vogue atmosphere, like living in a mod art museum. Lastly, create an outdoor retreat that still feels like home with outdoor garden artwork. Outdoor statues have a way of totally transforming a space. Shop our garden sculptures for sale for anything from peaceful angels to napping cats. You can also find wall decor for your indoor and outdoor areas. Paired with statues and figurines, your porch or patio will come alive.

Build new worlds or honor old ones with these decorative objects. Let decorative statues carry your home closer to distant places and heartfelt memories with their remarkable attention to detail.