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Table Candelabras

Unveil a Wrought Iron Candelabra

Find a wrought iron candelabra for tables, and lavish your environment with Old World grandeur. Or, update a seaside theme with a coastal table candelabra; its oceanic embellishments will make your waterfront cottage that much more breathtaking. Enhance your favorite decorating theme, or simply bring a little mood lighting to a bland room. These exquisite candle holders make any setting appear opulent. Scope distinguished finishes and rich embellishments, and allow multitudes of candlelight to amplify the atmosphere of your dining room, living area or entryway.

Encounter a striking tabletop candelabra with a traditional sensibility. Scrolling acanthus leaves finished in baroque gold support a trio of your candles and look resplendent when displayed before a regal wall tapestry. A vining leaf candelabra accented with golden gems and amber berries, on the other hand, appears quite stately upon your dinner table. Evoke the seashore with a coastal candelabra that resembles branching coral, or accentuate a log cabin theme with a pillar candelabra featuring metal pine cones and feathered needles. Establish any scene you want with the unique adornments of our candelabras.

Tabletop Candelabras to Enhance Any Display

Present a metal tabletop candelabra with a sophisticated finish, and your space will exude luxurious appeal. Black scrolls offer bold yet refined impact with this dramatic shade, while almond highlights on black conjure more of a vintage ambience. Antique bronze candelabras offer a dark-hued alternative to black, but a rustic brown finish is imperative for woodsy decor. Finally, antique gold bestows a posh appearance on your surroundings, while aged ivory and beige furnish natural pigments to a coastal candle holder.

A gorgeous table candelabra will augment not just your tabletop but the entire room. Select a radiant centerpiece that emphasizes existing design elements, whether a wrought iron wall grille or a weathered beach sign. Pinpoint a ravishing candelabra for your table, and let twinkling candle flames enrich your environs.