Silk Lace Scented Ribbonwick Candle

The Silk Lace Scented Ribbonwick(R) Candle will engage your senses with a hypnotic flame and sophisticated scent. The accents on the ivory resin holder are designed to look like delicate lace patterns and create a soft, feminine look. From the candle itself comes the scent of linen, warm cotton, and a hint of citrus. Burn time for the ribbon wick is up to 57 hours if wick is clipped when flame is more than 1.5" long. Measures 7.5"dia.x3.5"H.

• Ribbonwick(R) candle is in a decorated resin holder
• Holder has lovely designs that resemble lace
• Scented candle will engage your senses
• Has a burn time of up to 57 hours

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Silk Lace Scented Ribbonwick(R) Candle is in a resin holder.

Never leave a candle burning unattended. If the flame is longer than 1.5", extinguish flame and let cool. Clip end of wick.

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Silk Lace Ribbonwick Candle Ivory

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