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Marvelous Shelf Sitters

An angel shelf sitter will pose gracefully upon your mantel, while safari animals dangle limbs over shelf edges. Browse our collection of shelf sitter figurines for realistic and detailed characters that will invigorate your bookshelves, fireplace mantel, accent tables and baker's rack. Shelf sitter sets allow for endless creativity with an interactive scene, while indoor outdoor shelf sitters liven up your covered patio. Shop an assemblage of fetching figurines, including animal shelf sitters, fairy shelf sitters and elegant lady shelf sitters. Whether displayed in your kitchen or living room, these dimensional decorations bring a whimsical touch to your home.

Enrich a decorating theme, or simply show your appreciation for your favorite animal with a life-like shelf sitter. Find a cat shelf sitter that looks poised to pounce or sleep the afternoon away. Our chicken and rooster shelf sitters feature these proud barnyard birds in natural hues. With tail feathers sticking out as they peer below, chicken shelf sitters enhance country style decor. Lion shelf sitters, tiger shelf sitters and elephant shelf sitters boost an Africa-inspired atmosphere, while frog shelf sitters invite the natural world into your abode. Finally, add an adorable element to any room with a puppy shelf sitter.

Peruse Shelf Sitter Figurines

Our shelf sitter figurines can take the forms of angels contemplating birds, flowers and other small miracles. With feathered wings and flowing robes, angel shelf sitters grant tranquility to your surroundings. Our fairy shelf sitters and mermaid shelf sitters, on the other hand, grace surfaces with beautiful mythical creatures. Flapper girl and Victorian lady shelf sitters conjure a vintage aura, but abstract human figures suggest more of a contemporary essence.

Demonstrate your love for music with a musician shelf sitter set, or exhibit a family shelf sitter depicting a mother, father and newborn baby. Scope our shelf sitter selection for a figurine that will revitalize a tabletop or decorative shelf.