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Sheer Window Treatments
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Sheer & Semi-Sheer Curtains

Window sheers will shroud your panes in beauty. Sunbeams sift through delicate window drapes to brighten your entire room. Meanwhile, the sheer veil of material grants privacy, allowing you to retreat into a sanctuary of your own creation. With our assemblage of sheer and semi-sheer curtains, you're in complete control of your room's natural lighting and privateness.

Tell a story with sheer window treatments. Their lightweight construction automatically lends a graceful look to windows. Beyond this, Touch of Class curtains feature colors and styles that will strike a certain mood or recreate a favorite setting. Dress a sunny window with red sheer curtains. Then, watch as your surroundings ignite with vivacious and bold color. Solid color curtains feature elegant neutrals like white and ivory, but they can also provide a touch of cornflower blue, peridot green and more.

If you're after a more elaborate look, patterned sheer curtains will filter sunshine through eye-catching designs and alternating colors. Sheer floral window treatments exhibit a flowery print. The soft unfurling of colorful petals will only heighten that delicate quality that sheers naturally give off. You can also create visual interest with a striped window drapes; solid-colored curtains with sheer stripes will channel light for a truly captivating display. For a touch of the wild, you can also try sheer tropical curtains or animal print window treatments. Lace curtains will bring a touch of nobility to your window ensemble. You can also find sheer grommet window treatments for a more casual appearance.

Embroidered sheer curtains provide a dash of adornment to these dainty window treatments. Sun will flood through a sheer curtain and emphasize embroidered patterns of roses, scrolling vines and other motifs. Meanwhile, sheer valances for windows will coordinate with your chosen sheers, allowing you to furnish any and every window with a full ensemble.

Allow airy elegance to emanate from your window, when you grace it with a sheer curtain. Valances and curtain tie backs will polish the entire arrangement and lend dainty poise to the room. You can also find sheer patio panels for your sliding glass door. Take this natural elegance and make it your own. Touch of Class curtains offer any color, pattern or embellishment you could possibly desire.