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Scandinavian Christmas

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Acquire a simple yet decorative touch this holiday season with Scandinavian-style Christmas decorations. Exuding subtle woodland flair, this style incorporates natural materials, like wood and knitted fabrics, along with splashy reds and pristine whites. Get all your Nordic essentials here, then round out your entire look with darling handmade ornaments and thrifted folk art.

A good place to start is with your Christmas tree, working colors featured in ornaments into your surroundings. Pick out a flat back Christmas tree in a gold metal urn. Icy glitter conjures the bracing cold of a mountainside retreat, while pre-lit lights are quick and easy during the holiday rush. Whether you own an artificial tree or the real deal, top off your entire look with a red angel tree topper. Her blonde hair and fur coat wouldn't look out of place in Norway or Sweden.

Turn your attention to the fireplace mantel after you've polished off your tree. Snowflake Christmas stockings in red and white blend seamlessly with this two-tone aesthetic. Although minimalist, Scandinavian style incorporates plenty of patterns alongside graphic whites and blacks. Dangle your favorite stockings from hooks depicting Santa and a snowman. Each holds a chalkboard banner you can write a name on. Or, go a step further with personalization, and find wood stocking holders with picture frames and plaid bows.

Plaid provides that rustic edge that is so essential to this decorating scheme. Another way to really convey your Nordic-inspired look is to soften up austere surfaces, such as a trim, cream sofa. Drape a Scandinavian blanket over the back for an ounce of softness; a geometric sweater pattern will also help break up a solid color furnishing.

Looking to liven up your space? Find a trio of standing Santas all decked out in skiing gear. Their furry-lined boots and coats, printed sweaters, and burlap sacks will lend a mountaineering element to your environs. Burlap pillows with felt poinsettias add texture to a sleek bench; hang DIY felt ornaments all over your tree to pull it all together.

With the right decor, the trendy Scandinavian-style Christmas is within your reach! Don't forget paper snowflakes and birch tree wrapping paper for that final touch.