5 Stars

from AL on wrote:

Great product

5 Stars Beautiful!

from MN on wrote:

Bought as a gift for my wife. She loved them and will cherish them for the rest if her life. In short, I'm a hero!

5 Stars Beautiful Nativity!!!!!

from MS on wrote:

BEAUTIFUL! I have been looking for a mid-size Nativity set for more years than I can count!! Not only was it hard to find one of this size, it was impossible to find one with such lovely detailing that you didn't have to mortgage your home to pay for! I received this just in time for a Christmas Party I was having. I set it up with a little stable straw purchased elsewhere, popped up a light under the shelf to shine directly on the Baby Jesus and WOW! Everyone at the party was drawn to it. My husband and I get up each morning and sit quietly gazing upon it in contemplation. This was just the set for which I had been looking for so long. The only downside is that it did not come with a stable so I had to construct my own. Also the Baby Jesus does not lift from the manger. But I still think it was worth every penny and my family and I will enjoy this for years to come. Each year, the day after Christmas, the decorations come down around here like clockwork. This year, I am leaving the Nativity set up a few week

4 Stars Nativity Set

from OH on wrote:

Wife extremely pleased. We had given a trreasured one to our children

4 Stars Adoring Worship Nativity Set 1407

from on wrote:

I love my Nativity Set. Was so glad I ordered it. It was much bigger than I thought, but still love it. It's beautifully made and was a very nice addition to Christmas.

3 Stars Adoring Worship Nativity Set 782

from on wrote:

It is very beautiful, but the pieces are much larger than I expected and much larger than the average nativity set.