2 Stars Disappointed

from MN on wrote:

I should have read the description, thought the vase would be glass with metal base for how much I paid. It is made from resign mold. The vase looks great wish it was made of glass though.

5 Stars Beautiful

from FL on wrote:

Any poor reviews are inaccurate and stem from the fact the reviewer did not read the description. The vase is exactly as described and pictured. Every purchase I have made from Touch of Class has been 100% satisfactory. This vase is gorgeous.

5 Stars magnificent

from NY on wrote:

This vase is magnificent . The vase looks like glass but it isn't. It is fairly heavy. The peacocks surrounding the bottom are beautifully colored. Great purchase.

5 Stars peacock vase

from FL on wrote:

I love peacocks and the color of the vase just showed off the circle of peacocks around the bottom.

2 Stars Dislike

from TX on wrote:

While the glass bowl was nice and strong, the peacock base made of Porcelene is too feeble and thin and prone to break. I found it broken in the shipment packing itself The manufacturer need to improve the design to make it strong, otherwise I feel every peace will be broken during the shipment.

5 Stars It was even prettier than I expected!

from TX on wrote:

My daughter likes peacocks...I showed her this vase in the catalog and she said that she would like to have it in her dining room...I ordered it and, when it came, I was totally unprepared for how beautiful it is...I gave to my daughter anyway...and she loved it. The glass is more beautiful than the picture shows...

5 Stars Peacock vase

from LA on wrote:

This is a very unique piece. It is very heavy snd the colors are vibrant. I love it.

5 Stars Peacock vase

from MD on wrote:

I love the vase, it goes perfect in my living room.

5 Stars My only way to own peacocks

from CA on wrote:

I have been wanting this vase for a long, long time. I'm really glad I finally bought it for myself.

4 Stars Peacock Vase

from CA on wrote:

Very pretty, I enjoy peacocks

5 Stars peacock vase

from CO on wrote:

Very happy with it. The vase is plastic but looks good and is easy to care for.

5 Stars Peacock Table vase

from CA on wrote:

Loved this one - bought one for my other sister too

5 Stars Stunning

from MA on wrote:

I was getting a little nervous after reading a few of the other reviews but this peacock vase is fabulous. It is just as bright and vibrant as pictured and looks beautiful in my living room.

4 Stars Peacock vase

from CA on wrote:

Beautiful vase. Color was what we expected. Looks real nice in our family room.

4 Stars Pretty to look at.

from PA on wrote:

This is a very nice looking vase with great attention to detail and quality finish. The downside it that it is all resin and plastic which is immediately apparent when you touch any part of it.

5 Stars Peacock Joy

from NY on wrote:

The vases did not disappoint. They are simply beautiful. Everyone who has seen them thinks that they are lovely. I am extremely pleased with this purchase. I love everything peacock and I couldn't be happier!

3 Stars Peacock Table Top Vase

from WA on wrote:

The colors are beautiful, but I wish the vase was made of glass not resin. The vase looks to plastic and would have been much prettier if made of glass. Overall I would recommend this.

5 Stars

from TX on wrote:

I love the beautiful colors in peacocks. The piece is very attractive.

3 Stars ok

from CA on wrote:

I knew it was plastic and not glass --but--there's a flaw toward the bottom of the vase part I guess for the price I thought it should be more!!

5 Stars Peacock Tabletop Vase 8292

from on wrote:

Very pretty vase, as I new it would be! But I was surprised that the actual vase, that you put the flowers in, was not glass. It is a resin, also, like I knew the base was. And maybe that's better; it may make it more durable. Just as pictured & perfect for the peacock (feather) lover! I would recommend it. It will make a great gift, as I intended it to.

5 Stars Peacock Tabletop Vase 7338

from on wrote:

I was extremely happy with my vase. It had much more detail than I expected. very classy. Jane Woolwine

3 Stars Peacock Tabletop Vase 7095

from on wrote:

This vase is more beautiful than the picture and I am very pleased with it.

5 Stars Peacock Tabletop Vase 5797

from on wrote:

I love it !!!.....looks fabulous....the colors are very pretty.

4 Stars Peacock Tabletop Vase 4452

from on wrote:

The color of the vase looks different from what I saw online. The peacocks are light blueish online but when I received it, it was totally dark blackish blue. The vase looks good but the color is not exactly what I saw online.

3 Stars Peacock Tabletop Vase 4308

from on wrote:

Does not look anything like the picture...peacocks and glass are not painted as shown in pictuire

5 Stars Peacock Tabletop Vase 4026

from on wrote:

This vase was absolutely beautiful! It looks exactly like the picture and the person that I gave it to for her birthday was very pleased. I was surprised how fast I received it since I ordered it 6days before her birthday so that was a plus!

5 Stars Peacock Tabletop Vase 4003

from on wrote:

I love the peacock vase. I purchased it for my wedding, which is peacock feather themed. I was a little worried that it wouldn't be heavy enough, but it is great!! Vase looks just like it does in the picture! I love it and I am so happy I purchased it!

5 Stars Peacock Tabletop Vase 3994

from on wrote:

It's prettier than the photo.

4 Stars Peacock Tabletop Vase 1166

from on wrote:

Beautiful vase. Has an art deco flair to it. A nice solid vase, a bit heavy which is great, looks just like the photo. Gorgeous!

2 Stars Peacock Tabletop Vase 79

from on wrote:

When I received this vase, I was EXTREMELY disappointed. The peacocks at the base were not colored showed as plain metal and the peacock feathers at the top of the vase did not have the colors specified in the picture, everything looked almost green.