from RI on wrote:

I love this product & usually anything from TOC but I have to say I've bought different quilts over the years and am always so happy with each and every one of them. They last as if they were just bought and the quality is just fabulous ... the price sometimes makes me a quiver a bit lol but I wouldn't buy anywhere else because again these will last forever and you can't put a price on that. So if you are looking and quivering - just buy it you won't regret

2 Stars Vintage lace comforter set

from CA on wrote:

Very inferior product for the price. Cheap looking, picture deceiving.

5 Stars Vintage Lace review

from CA on wrote:

It looks just as elegant as the picture shows.

5 Stars

from NY on wrote:

We love the colors in all of the pieces. My girlfriend picked it out and I like it, too.

3 Stars Vintage Lace Comforter Set 4465

from on wrote:

I love the design of this comforter set, the fabric and design is lovely. The workman on this item is poor quality and not what you would expect for the price. I kept the item due to the fact that I had out of town guests coming and did not have the time to wait for another replacement comforter. I do regret the high price I paid for such poor workmanship.

2 Stars Vintage Lace Comforter Set 2540

from on wrote:

Not what I expected considering the price I paid for the set. Looks very cheap, unable to get the wrinkles out of the comforter. The only thing I really cared for was the throw rug. Very dissappointed.

2 Stars Vintage Lace Comforter Set 1962

from on wrote:

The purple color has no life to it. It is very flat.