1 Star Hiddeous color

from AL on wrote:

I have been buying from Touch of Class for over 20 years as I have moved all over the country, and most of the time I have been absolutely DELIGHTED with everything. However, this item does not fall into that category. I bought this in the gold/plum in king size to go with my purple master bedroom. I opened the box and nearly gagged. I never even took it out of the package - the "gold" in my opinion is just hiddeous and there is soooo much of it! . So back it goes. I really wanted more of the colot to be the PLUM not the gold - and on a Kingsize bed that is a lot of ugly and a lot of money! I guess I will just wait a while and see if they come out with something more to my taste. It probably looks great with the red and possibly the blue... but not for me.

3 Stars Looks good, Needs Special Care

from TX on wrote:

This beautiful set needs to be owned by someone who will turn the comforter back at night. We didn't and learned the hard way that the fabric absorbed oils from my husband's hands and arms which he laid on top of the comforter. Also, the tassels on the beautiful pillows are tied loosely and are easily pulled off. They can be dangerous for small children or pets. This was an expensive investment for us and had to be replaced after one year because of the stain that just grew bigger and bigger. The set looks very elegant and beautiful. Just keep in mind, the comforter requires special care.

5 Stars Elegant!!!

from FL on wrote:

so elegant!, we were looking for something for so long that can match our bedroom furniture and we really could not find anything so elegant and classy like this set. We bought the whole set and the curtains!..This set made a huge difference on how we see our master bedroom! It feels like a royal bedroom! :)

4 Stars Royal Empire Comforter Set 5296

from on wrote:

These were just shams that didn't have pillows included. I'd like to return them and am not sure how. I LOVE everything else. The bedding is beautiful, great quality!

5 Stars Royal Empire Comforter Set 5178

from on wrote:

The best bedding set I have ever had ! I love it!

5 Stars Royal Empire Comforter Set 5078

from on wrote:

I just love this bedroom ensemble. It looks really beautiful in my bedroom with my Crown Canope. My nickname is Queen, which my mother branded me when I was a teenager. My favorite color is purple, so the plum and gold fit right in with my lifestyle. The quality of the material and design is inpeccable. Everything I have ever ordered from Touch of Class has been a major HIT!!!! This is One Satisfied Customer. Sincerely,Claire Ciarlo Austin!!!

2 Stars Royal Empire Comforter Set 2251

from on wrote:

Returned -too silky. Wanted more or a tapestry finish

4 Stars Royal Empire Comforter Set 1034

from on wrote:

This set is absolutely beautiful. I love it. It is the best comforter set i have ever had. It makes my room gorgeous. I bought the pillows too. I hope to order the curtains soon.