5 Stars Almost perfect

from FL on wrote:

Just got it and I love the tapestry, it's everything I hoped for as far as quality and appearance go with one small caveat. The tapestry arrived in an undamaged box (Fed-Ex) but has some relatively severe creases in it and thus not suitable for immediate hanging. Even though the tapestry was correctly wrapped around a 3" cardboard tube, which leads me to surmise that it wasn't stored properly. Looks like it may have been haphazardly folded for some time. I mention this in hopes that Touch of Class will request the manufacturer (it's US made) to take a bit more care in storage before shipment. I'm now waiting on advisement from ToC and the manufacturer on how best to remove the wrinkles. As dry cleaning is required, I'm not going to appreciate it if I have to pay to have the wrinkles removed. As many of us know who've been in sales, there's more to customer satisfaction (and repeat sales) than just a quick sale out the door and yes, pending successful resolution of this issue, I do have more planned purchases

5 Stars lifelike

from CA on wrote:

I bought this tapestry last year and it is so beautiful. Very well made and realistic. It has such depth that it really looks like koi fish swimming in a tranquil pool. I absolutely love it.