5 Stars Outstanding fleece sheets

from MA on wrote:

These are the most comfortable sheets that I've ever slept on. I live in the cold north and every winter I've used flannel sheets. These are so much better that I will never go back to flannel. Also, they keep their smooth texture without pilling after wash and drys. I HIGHLY recommend these sheets and Touch of Class as the vendor. Great price and fast delivery.

5 Stars Love Those Fuzzy Sheets

from FL on wrote:

I wanted warm, soft sheets and I got them. They are made well, beautiful, and snugly. Like having a prewarmed bed.

5 Stars Good purchase!

from NJ on wrote:

Good quality, good price. They are warm, comfortable, and they wash well. The medium blue is a pretty shade.

5 Stars Sheet Set

from SC on wrote:

I love this set so much. It's so warm and beautiful.

5 Stars micro fleece sheets

from NC on wrote:

I had purchased micro fleece sheets from another company twice. I ordered from them a third time but the quality was so bad I sent them back. When I found Touch of class had them, I was concerned that I would not be happy. When I saw they had fleece on both sides top and bottom and the quality was excellent. I will continue to purchase them from touch of class from now on. My husband was impressed as well. I recommend these micro fleece sheets highly. Soft and comfy.

5 Stars Great sheets at a great price!

from VA on wrote:

I own a set of mircofleece sheets I purchased about two years ago from a local discount store. I have loved them so much that I keep them on my bed year round (washing every two weeks.) I was hesitant to purchase online since I wasn't sure what I would get, but these sheets are great quality, very soft, and even better than the set I've been using for these past two year! And, I paid about $40 less here than for the others. The only drawback is that you do not want to get out of bed, especially on cold mornings because these feel SO soft and comfy!

5 Stars Cozy

from NY on wrote:

these fleece sheets is just what i needed as our bedroom gets very cold at night. They are nice and warm when you slid in. They wash very good. They have the thick fleece on both sides, which is what i was looking for.

5 Stars Buy, Buy, Buy !

from WA on wrote:

Love ! these sheets ! They are so warm and cozy, they are warm right when you get into them. Will always have a set on my bed !

5 Stars Wonderful

from MO on wrote:

Reading the other reviews, I never had an odor problem with my sheets or fuzz. They don't pill and are wonderful. My little boy preferred our bed because it was so warm and cozy. I got a set of these for his twin bed and he now loves his warm and cozy bed. We keep ours on all year round and in winter need fewer covers with this material.

5 Stars Love these sheets!!

from OH on wrote:

We wanted to try warmer sheets. These sheets are amazing. They are so soft and warm-I can't wait to go to bed at night! I have washed them several times and there is no pilling. They do up beautifully!!

5 Stars

from WA on wrote:

wonderfully warm set of sheets. Washed well, too.

5 Stars Cool Comfort

from ME on wrote:

These sheets are the best. They are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They dont pill and get all rough although they do loose that new feeling after a while as does anything else.

4 Stars microfleece sheet set

from CA on wrote:

I like the quality of the set & the fact that it's anit-pill. Downside was the odor when I opened the pkg., which didn't completely go away after washing. I didn't like having to wash something before I can even use it. Hopefully the odor will go away after several more washings.

5 Stars Sleeping on a cloud

from VA on wrote:

I recommend these sheets to anyone with fibromyalgia. There is a calming effect on the body and and the sheets keep your entire body at a constant, comfortable level. This is my second set. The set from last year has held up well. Little bit of a fuzz problem but nothing I won't put up with for the comfort of the product!