4 Stars file cabinet

from NC on wrote:

delivered in good condition. Easy to assemble. It was missing one wooden dowel but its pretty secure. looks good. A little pricy but what I was looking for

5 Stars Functional Furniture

from FL on wrote:

This furniture file cabinet was easy to assemble and looks perfect with our Tommy Bahama desk set. Glad we took the chance to purchase it.

4 Stars Attractive Filecabinet

from TX on wrote:

This file cabinet is very attractive and blends well with other cherry wood furniture.

3 Stars

from NY on wrote:

I bought the file cabinet because it was the perfect size I needed and the wood I wanted. Unfortunately, it was in many more pieces than other products I have bought that needed assembly and then just at the end of construction, I realized that 2 parts were missing. I had to call customer service and request them. Now I need to wait for their delivery while my cabinet sits in my home unfinished.

5 Stars

from TX on wrote:

Beautiful piece of furniture. Great quality.

4 Stars File cabinet

from MD on wrote:

I am very happy with this file cabinet

2 Stars Aubrie File Cabinet 5025

from on wrote:

Quite honestly, I'm disappointed in your product; the assembly was very time consuming and the wood stain is much redder than anticipated. It falls short of my expectation and I would not have ordered it, had I seen it in reality in advance.

2 Stars Aubrie File Cabinet 3766

from on wrote:

Love the look of the cabinet, however, when I unboxed it, I found that one of the drawer slides had come apart and the tiny ball bearings (12) were rolling around in the box. Rather than rebox it and send it back, I struggled to put them back together. I was only successful in replacing 2 at each end. It works but would be better if complete.

3 Stars Aubrie File Cabinet 3238

from on wrote:

I am mostly happy with this product for the price. However, the screws on the back of the cabinet are silver on a dark backpiece when they should be dark to blend in better. Also, the front panels of the pull out drawers line up beautifully from the front, but in looking from the side the drawers do not stay closed and show a 1/8th to 1/4" gap on the right side only. It looks as though the bottom panel, which is the worst is warped as the space varies from 1/8th" to 1/4" at the top of the panel

3 Stars Aubrie File Cabinet 3047

from on wrote:

Am pleased with the sturdiness of the product. However, the color of the filing cabinet appears to not exactly match the desk and hutch units. A bit disappointed about that.

3 Stars Aubrie File Cabinet 2966

from on wrote:

The pieces are beautiful and they look fantastic in the room. The one issue with the file drawer is that the holes where you have to put the tracking is off and the top drawer does not close properly. We have to redrill the holes to make it open and close right. Besides that it is really nice.

3 Stars Aubrie File Cabinet 2704

from on wrote:

The only aspect of this filing cabinet that was not as pictured is the color. It is a much redder hue that at first put me off. However, it works in the room, and the cabinet itself is roomy and sturdy. The drawers work smoothly. The full assembly took some time.