5 Stars I love my tiger nightlight.

from MD on wrote:

I recently moved to an assisted living community and didn't get to bring many of my things - my brother took many things I wanted here, like my kitty and big cat light switch holders. So when I saw the tiger light, I was so happy - it fits in my private bathroom perfectly!

5 Stars

from PA on wrote:

The tiger nite-light goes along with the jungle theme for the nursery. My son loves wild cats.

4 Stars Royal Bengal Tiger Nightlight 8665

from on wrote:

Our master bedroom has had a jungle theme for over 6 years but one thing I hadn't been able to find was a jungle themed night light that wasn't cartoonish and meant for a kids room. Until I came across the night lights in Touch of Class. I thought they were over priced but they looked more serious and fit our needs. When I received it I was quite surprised at the size and quality of it. It was well made, sturdy and quite large, something I hadn't noticed in the picture. I recommend it.

5 Stars Royal Bengal Tiger Nightlight 7869

from on wrote:

This night light is the "Creme de la Creme" of night lights.

5 Stars Royal Bengal Tiger Nightlight 5783

from on wrote:

If you are a tiger fan you'll love it!!!

5 Stars Royal Bengal Tiger Nightlight 5650

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I always look forward to anything I purchase from Touch of Class. The Royal Bengal Tiger Nightlight is absolutely the best, as we in Baton Rouge, La. love our L.S.U Tigers, it is my favorite. Big and bold

4 Stars Royal Bengal Tiger Nightlight 5168

from on wrote:

its beautiful, the only bad thing is when plugged in it is a little top heavy and leans slightly