5 Stars perfect

from NY on wrote:

I loooove it, beautiful

5 Stars rooster paper holder

from NC on wrote:

my friends all loves this product very much and i tell them to wipe thier mouth and hands clean real good after eating and yes i tell them just how to purchase thier very own chicken because im keeping this one mines all mines

5 Stars

from VA on wrote:

Should have inclded hardware to mount on wall

5 Stars like it

from SC on wrote:

I have rooster display in my kitchen.So i have every rooster item in my decor.

5 Stars Just perfect

from CA on wrote:

Very unique. The perfect addition to my black and white kitchen!

5 Stars Rooster paper towel holder

from VA on wrote:

Love it, He is quite loveable but mean looking. I tell everyone he is my guard rooster. Lots of conversations about him

5 Stars grand rooster

from NC on wrote:

i love this grand rooster tower holder it looks good in my kitchen along with all the other rooster stuff. bought because it was odd.

5 Stars Rooster Paper towel Holder

from MS on wrote:

Love it! It's for a gift!

5 Stars Grand Rooster Towel Holder

from CA on wrote:

I bought it for my son's birthday. He collects roosters for his kitchen. He loved it!

5 Stars rooster towel holder

from MA on wrote:

I bought it as a gift, but was too big, but the shipping and shopping experience was excellent.

5 Stars Beautiful rooster

from CA on wrote:

The only thing that was disappointing is that on the picture it shows that the rooster has two hooks to hang and that is why I decided to get it, but instead it has two openings in the back to hang it with screws. I wished it was exactly that the picture shows.

3 Stars Grand Rooster Paper Towel Holder 8565

from on wrote:

very nice details

5 Stars Grand Rooster Paper Towel Holder 4263

from on wrote:

I love everything about rooster and chicken decor! :)