5 Stars Dog

from MA on wrote:

Just like my terrier

5 Stars Adorable

from WA on wrote:

If you love Cairn Terriers, you will certainly like this sculpture. It's nearly life-size and quite life-like. The hidden key hole is a bonus!

5 Stars Cairn / Oliver

from OK on wrote:

I purchased this Cairn because I had a Cairn for 14 yrs before he passed away. This Cairn looks just like , Clancy . Clancy was a Golden Cairn who loved life and he was my First Buddy. Thank you very much

5 Stars Looks like a smaller version of my Cairn!

from VT on wrote:

Whoever designed this really know Cairn Terriers. My dog sits just like this statue and looks out the sliding glass door for hours at a time. The hair and tongue sticking out and the perky ears are just right. Not sure I'll leave it outside much, but it looks pretty nice sitting to the side in my living room. It's a bit pricey as these things tend to be so nice to get it on sale. And really nice to have Cairns represented - so often they are not which is why I was so happy to find this item.

5 Stars That's my little Simon

from GA on wrote:

I have two Cairn terriers the one I bought looks like Simon. Not many places have Cairn terriers for sale. I found this one, rushed to buy it. It big as he is, wonderful scrubbing. Hard to find a blond Cairn, this was a surprise. Thank you.

5 Stars oliver cairn terrier scipture

from PA on wrote:

loved it very much! lost my own cairn terrier several years ago and looking at this brings back happy memories.

5 Stars Cairn Lover's Cairns

from WA on wrote:

My two Cairns, Baxter & Cassie, and I love the two Oliver Sculptures. They stand as sentinels outside & inside our entries. Well done!

4 Stars Cairn Terrier

from NV on wrote:

Loved the dog. Wish the tongue would have been a bit pink as it would have really made him "life-like". Other than that, LOVED him!

5 Stars Adorable

from FL on wrote:

I love this little Oliver! He is sitting on a small handmade milk stool inside the front door. The two are perfect. I smile so often when I pass by.

5 Stars Guard Dog, Oliver

from MT on wrote:

I absolutely love this terrier design. The detail is great. I have Yorkshire Terriers, but this Cairn Terrier is quite similar of my larger Yorkies. This is just one of those things I had to have when I saw it. Can't wait to put him in a special spot in my garden.

5 Stars just like my maggie

from IN on wrote:

This little dog statue looks just like my Cairn terrier and looks cute sitting with one of her toys.

5 Stars

from NC on wrote:

I have a cairne terrier, very real looking.

5 Stars Oliver Cairn Terrier

from CA on wrote:

I love this little dog looks just like our real Carin.

5 Stars Perfect Replica

from NH on wrote:

This little statue is an absolutely perfect likeness of our beloved Cairn Terrier. The details are incredible and beautifully done. The workmanship is excellent! Can't wait to put it in our garden next spring.

5 Stars Cairn terrier

from MI on wrote:

Loved this statue. Our 19 year old cairn terrier passed in April and this is a wonderful reminder of her as it looks like her.

4 Stars Cairn statue

from TN on wrote:

I love this. It looks identical to my Pepper who just passed away. I would recommend having the manufacturer recess the screw that hold the plate on the bottom. It scratched my table when I sat it down.

5 Stars OLIVER

from FL on wrote:

The recipient loved OLIVER very much---and so did her dog Annie

5 Stars Oliver is adorable!

from VA on wrote:

I love the detail. He is too cute to put outside, so he has a special place in our family room.

5 Stars My New Best Friend

from CO on wrote:

I have loved dogs since childhood and am now 63. I have always wanted a dog statue. I haven't done a great deal of looking, but have often run across dog statues (usually labs) and have been tempted by them; but the nice ones are expensive and no matter how many times I have put one in a shopping cart, I have never followed through until now. Certainly the discount helped and we are grateful for it. But about the little fellow himself - if I were unable to have my own real dog, this guy would be the best substitute I could have. He's big enough to be real, the workmanship is outstanding, there's just something incredibly special and lovable about Oliver. He's just a tad larger than my 8 lb. maltese (who so far has ignored him). He sits in our living room with us and our two real dogs and has been a very happy addition to our home. We got him in moss and it doesn' matter a bit that it's not a real dog color - he rises above being moss and being just a statue. He's a key holder, but we would never leave him ou

5 Stars

from MO on wrote:

Adorable. Very life-like.

5 Stars dog

from NJ on wrote:

looks like my dog

4 Stars Cairn terrier

from IA on wrote:

My fiance has a Westy terrier that is named Oliver and is white. She appreciated it as a birthday gift. I was disappointed in the size. And your shipping costs....

5 Stars My Dog's Shadow

from TN on wrote:

I absolutely love this little dog. It is like having a shadow of my own dog.

5 Stars Oliver

from OR on wrote:

have and had in the past cairn terriers and likenesses' of cairns are hard to find. great.

5 Stars Oliver Cairn Terrier Sculpture 8130

from on wrote:

Looks just like our Cairn Terrier. Oliver is sitting next to fireplace in the den.

4 Stars Oliver Cairn Terrier Sculpture 5207

from on wrote:

very cute and arrived quickly

4 Stars Oliver Cairn Terrier Sculpture 2514

from on wrote:

Bought this doggie in white and he is great looking. Very realistic and he is the perfect size!

4 Stars Oliver Cairn Terrier Sculpture 1453

from on wrote:

Loved the dark colored Cairn Terrier. In fact I ordered 2--one for me and one for my daughter.

3 Stars Oliver Cairn Terrier Sculpture 916

from on wrote:

The dark Cairn sculpture was adorable. However, I also ordered the white one and didn't care for it and I sent it back to get another dark Cairn sculpture.

4 Stars Oliver Cairn Terrier Sculpture 855

from on wrote:

Love it, it looks just like my own Cairns, only does not bark