1 Star can't evaluated something yoiu haven't received

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Buyer beware! I ordered this rug in July - and it was to ship within a week or so. I checked online a few weeks later, and the product was listed as shipping in November. I called to check on this as it said a few weeks when I ordered it. They confirmed that there is no rug until november, it isn't their fault they get the rug from a supplier so they have no control. I was very frustrated as I decorated a room based on this rug and waiting 3 months for something seems crazy in this day and age. They apologized, and after I requested it they sent me a $20 certificate toward another purchase for the inconvenience. So. Fast forward to Oct 31. I call to verify I am in line to indeed receive this rug. A customer service person tells me in fact there is no rug until mid february. It isn't their fault after all they buy from a supplier. I told them they need to take the rug off their website if they don't have it to sell. I told them that i am not buying from their supplier, I am a customer of touch of class so it