4 Stars Weekend Project

from NM on wrote:

What I thought would be an assembly job of a couple hours, max, turned into a weekend project. According to the relatively-decently-translated minimalistic instructions, it looked as if putting it together would be doable snap-together cabinet. Silly me, I realize now that if I order another one (which I am considering, as they make into a nice piece of furniture), I must be prepared to measure centers on all the end pieces, and drill starter- holes for each lag bolt. Then came the Drawers of Doom! Way too much measuring, drilling, and fitting to do. Way too much work for drawers that won't hold DVDs or CDs. I intend to put tiny gee-gaws in the drawers, so as to utilize their limited capacity. On the other hand, it's all wood, and no fiberboard. It is an attractive accent piece and a useful DVD holder, for all I complained about. As I mentioned, I am considering purchasing another - now that I know what to expect, the next assembly will be slow, but much easier. I feel I got excellent value for my