2 Stars too wrinkled

from WV on wrote:

Panels blocked light very well, but were quite wrinkled and I couldn't get them out.

3 Stars down stairs

from WA on wrote:

can tell difference with thermal, not effective for blackout.

4 Stars curtains

from MO on wrote:

I bought the curtains for the insulation that they provide. the curtains were exactly what I wanted.

5 Stars Curtains

from on wrote:

i bought block out shades and it works good. The price was also reasonable, I couldn't believe it's less expensive than the mega store Walmart.

2 Stars Blackout curtains

from MA on wrote:

A lot of light still comes through these blackout curtains. Not up to the percentage of light claimed to be blocked - not even close!

5 Stars

from FL on wrote:

Love them in my bedroom. Great product, good price.

5 Stars

from AL on wrote:

panels worked for blocking out the light - I am 100% pleased

5 Stars i like

from VA on wrote:

I love these curtains, so well in fact, that I ordered two more panels for another window! I like the way they look and the lightweight feel and the way they hang. I hope they will deliver as far as being a lasting product that does not wear quickly.

3 Stars Not a good blackout curtain

from IL on wrote:

I bought this for the energy saving benefits. It seems to work okay, but it's been a warm winter so it's hard to tell. Either way, there is no way it blocks 99% of light.

5 Stars Nice and Cozy

from IL on wrote:

We bought these drapes for our livingroom - it has a large windows that cause a chill in the winter. These drapes work wonders! The room is warmer and they do block out bright light.

5 Stars curtains

from ID on wrote:

love the color and texture of the fabric.

4 Stars Kendall Thermaback Tailored Curtain Panel 8203

from on wrote:

These curtains are exactly what I have been looking for and fit my budget perfectly. I couldn't be happier with them. Just make sure you order enough panels to create the full look on your window and not just enough to cover it for the best look.

3 Stars Kendall Thermaback Tailored Curtain Panel 6407

from on wrote:

Very nice curtains! I bought the Cafe color, and although they block out some of the light, they do not completely darken the room. I am waiting on them to get more of this color in stock so I can finish the room!

4 Stars Kendall Thermaback Tailored Curtain Panel 6322

from on wrote:

I love these curtains, great price and exactly what I was looking for, they block out a lot of light which is a great thing!

3 Stars Kendall Thermaback Tailored Curtain Panel 5221

from on wrote:

The curtains are simple yet are nice. I have them in my bedroom and they do indeed keep the lights out. I noticed a few flaws in the material that allowed VERY small amounts of light through, hardly noticeable unless you are close to them. For the purpose I bought them for, good curtains for the price

4 Stars Kendall Thermaback Tailored Curtain Panel 3034

from on wrote:

I was really please with the purchase I made (the kendall thermaback). I purchased two panels to see how they look I will be buying more of these. They really do block sunlight