5 Stars Christmas ornaments

from NC on wrote:

These are darling ! They are almost as big as real baby shoes. They have name and birthday on bottom.Got them for my great grandson's first Christmas. I bought one for my tree and one for his mom. Would definetely recommend !!

5 Stars heirloom

from MT on wrote:

I like the booties. I've got them for all of my grandchildren. to me they make an heirloom type gift.

4 Stars Baby's first shoes

from NE on wrote:

Good quality and great for my granbson's first Christmas, only wish it said Christmas on it.

4 Stars Oops on the personalzation

from NC on wrote:

The booties were fine. I liked the fact that it said who it was from for my new grandson. I clearly wrote from Grandma & Grandpa T. What a got was Grandma & Grandpa. NO T!!! With no time before traveling, I could not get it fixed. Maybe we can add it.

5 Stars Baby Bootie Ornament

from MN on wrote:

I've purchased this ornament for my other grandchildren. The quality exceeds what I've found in similar items. I like that it can be personalized.

5 Stars Baby Bootie First Chrisstmas

from CO on wrote:

We have these for all 9 grandchildren. 18 years to newborn 2014. The older children and their parents look to see where the shoes are on the tree each year. Because we have little ones the booties are always near the top of the tree to avoid breakage, and so the parents do not have to get on their hands and knees to view.

4 Stars Ceramic baby shoe ornament

from NC on wrote:

Overall the ornament is adorable. The only complaint I have is that the shoe strings are too short. You can barely tie them into a neat bow.

5 Stars Baby Shoes Ornament

from CA on wrote:

absolutely adorable delicate and sweet so happy with quality. This Oma can't wait to put it on her tree dedicated to the grand-babies

5 Stars Very Lovely Ornament

from AZ on wrote:

The quality of the ornament and the nice personalization is well worth the reasonable price. A lovely memory maker for our newest granddaughter's keepsake collection.

5 Stars Infant Shoe Ornaments.

from OH on wrote:

They are very beautiful. Will purchase again. Great design and workmanship.

5 Stars christmas ornaments

from NJ on wrote:

my daughter had twins and these were perfect

4 Stars Precious baby shoes

from MS on wrote:

These are very high quality. 4 stars only because the personalization could be a bit neater.

5 Stars Simply Elegant

from OH on wrote:

Even more delicate than picture shows. Simply elegant. Truly an heirloom quality that will be a reminder of baby's first Christmas

3 Stars Baby shoe ornament

from GA on wrote:

I really liked this as my grandson's first Christmas ornament in the book. However when I finally got it, it did not say Baby's 1st as it appears in the catalog and on this email. I was disappointed.

5 Stars baby shoes ornament

from TN on wrote:

I bought this for my granddaughter for her first Christmas. They did a wonderful job.

5 Stars Exquisite

from NY on wrote:

Such high quality. Old fashioned shoes with antique like ribbon. My daughter was thrilled to get this to put on their tree for her daughter's 1st Christmas. Beyond my expectations.

4 Stars Baby Shoes Ornament

from VA on wrote:

everything was correct even though the name was foreign. The shoes arrived with Baby's 1st and then a blank. I had assumed "Christmas" would have been there. (?) Perhaps I shouod have known? This is wht I put a 4 star rather than a 5 star. The ornament iis loveely.

5 Stars baby Xmas ornament

from on wrote:

shoes were beautiful

5 Stars Baby shoes ornament

from NC on wrote:

Have purchased these for first three grandchildren and have been pleased.

5 Stars Precious Baby Shoes

from OH on wrote:

This is the most precious keepsake I've ever seen. My daughter said it was her absolute favorite baby gift.

5 Stars babys first christmas

from NM on wrote:

It was great. Beautiful engraving.

3 Stars personalization

from PA on wrote:

I have been buying these booties for a new child in the family for 21 years! I love them. I was disappointed when I opened this pair because the personalization had a mistake

5 Stars

from CO on wrote:

I have purchased a set of shoes for each of my grandchildren and they eagerly look to see where they are on the tree each year. This year we had two new babies, one was born on 12/5. The shoes were here in plenty of time for an early celebration! Number 8 and counting.


from TN on wrote:


5 Stars Personalized Baby Shoes Ornament

from NY on wrote:

Beautiful personalized first Christmas tree ornament our granddaughter. Love it.

4 Stars Baby's1St Chrstmas Ornament

from KS on wrote:

This is the second Baby's First Christmas Baby Shoes Ornament. We purchased both for our Grandson's. They are beautiful and service is always prompt. My only disappointment with the one purchased a few weeks ago is that the month was not spelled out this time, though I made that request. Otherwise the ornaments are perfect. Our daughter loved them. Hopefully they will be of sentimental value to our grandsons when they are old men.

5 Stars

from NC on wrote:

Beautiful little gift, especially the touch of real shoelaces. Very satisfied as I have been with other purchases.

4 Stars

from TX on wrote:

They were just like what I saw online

5 Stars Adorable

from AZ on wrote:

I just love the little shoe ornament I just received for my great nephew. The ornament can be shown all year long.

4 Stars

from WI on wrote:

The little shoes are so cute but I wish I could have personalized it with whatever I wanted

5 Stars baby booties ornament

from CA on wrote:

I have been looking for this ornament for a while and was so happy that you had it. I first started purchasing these in 1985, for my first grandchild, and have continued with the others. Now have one due in May 2012. Thank you

4 Stars Baby Shoe Ornament

from PA on wrote:

I get one for all the babies in the family. Love it!

5 Stars Baby shoe ornament

from FL on wrote:

I liked this product before as I purchased it for two of my other grandchildren and thought it would be very special and so I had a need for another one for christmas 2011 and so I was glad to see you still carried it and so I ordered it again for my newest granddaughter.

4 Stars baby shoes

from SD on wrote:

I haven't gotten to see them is why I gave it 4 stars but my doughter-in-law loved them and said everything was in top quality!!! Thanks so much and keep making them!! Will purchase again for another grandchild!!!

3 Stars baby shoes

from VA on wrote:

Product itself arrived in a timely manner and well packaged to avoid breakage..only disappointing thing was that the shoes were supposed to say "Ella" and they said "Ellie"

5 Stars Baby shoes ornament

from MN on wrote:

I've purchased one for each of my grandchildren, a gift that's eagerly awaited by their parents. I've seen others, but Touch of Class' ornament is of much higher quality materials and workmanship.

5 Stars Beautiful Ornaments

from NJ on wrote:

The personalized baby shoe ornaments which I purchased were beautiful; the staff at Touch of Class were helpful and friendly. I can't wait to have more great nieces and nephews (AND A FEW GRANDCHILDREN) so I can purchase more ornaments for them.

5 Stars Delightful

from NC on wrote:

Item is delightful, with beautiful writing, making it a treasure. This is the third one I've ordered for my grandchildren, since the first one in 2007. Each one was perfect. Thank you for continuing to carry this.

5 Stars Great Baby Gift

from DE on wrote:

These baby shoes are just beautiful and have gotten raves from the parents of the newborns that I have given them to. They are a great value for the money.

5 Stars Very special

from NJ on wrote:

Purchasing another one for my third grandchild. The quality is great.

5 Stars very nice product

from AZ on wrote:

I wanted the birth of my granddaughter to be remembered every year and this ornament does just that.

4 Stars Baby Shoes Ornament 1212

from on wrote:

I purchased this ornament for my Granddaughter's 1st Christmas - I LOVED it!!! Darling, personalized, precious keepsake!!

4 Stars Baby Shoes Ornament 800

from on wrote:

My Mother in Law has gotten these shoes for many generations and now I'm the Grandma and their just as precious.