5 Stars Unique & Symbolic

from CA on wrote:

This is to be a 10th anniversary gift. It was so different and unlike any of the other statuary depicting love and togetherness that I had to buy it. It is as beautiful in reality as the catalog picture and I can't wait to see the reactions to the present.

4 Stars

from on wrote:

Baught item for 20th wedding anniversary gift. Found item to be of good quality, but disappointed it was made in China. Found glue residue where fingers met stand but it came off with water and mild wiping.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

It is for my husband's birthday! Symbolizing our love for each other.

4 Stars The Perfect Gift

from PA on wrote:

My mom liked this when she saw it in your catalog. I ordered it for Mother's Day, and she was thrilled! When she opened it, everyone had a different interpretation: mother (or other adult) and child, man and woman, two friends...I gave it four stars rather than five, only because I thought the base could be a bit heavier.

5 Stars Lovely. Just Lovely!

from IL on wrote:

My husband and I used to walk together 'hooked up' like this...when I look at your lovely sculpture it brings back wonderful memories. Makes me cry...but brings back wonderful memories. Thank you!

5 Stars Perfect for Pinkies!

from VA on wrote:

I bought this for my 21yo Daughter & her Husband. They have a way holding pinkie fingers that is their own little special thing, & they were ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to get a sculpture depicting such a tender & sweet gesture that is just theirs. Perfect for anyone who holds pinkies or pinkie promises.

5 Stars pinkie promise

from CO on wrote:

when you see it~~either it speaks to you or it doesn't and it did for me!

5 Stars

from KY on wrote:

The table sculpture is just want I wanted for an anniversary gift. Wife loved it.

5 Stars Great gift!

from NM on wrote:

So pleased with the quality of the product. The friends for whom we purchased it were thrilled. Because of her hand pain he has to hold her finger with his, which I did not know, so it was especially meaningful.

5 Stars Touched me

from MA on wrote:

I love this sculpture!! Reminds me of 'me and mine'...he loves it too!!

Lingering hold table sculpture

from IN on wrote:

This reminds me of how my husband and I keep hold of each other in prayer at church. I think it is a reminder of a tender time of couples who truly love each other. I have it on a table in my living room.

5 Stars Lingering Hold Scupture

from NM on wrote:

I bought this for my son and daughter-on-law for their anniversary. I am very pleased with it.

5 Stars Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

from KS on wrote:

This sculpture was perfect to depict how my (now) husband moved our friendship into something more. It's classy looking and makes me smile whenever I see it. My hubby, was touched, that after 22 years of marriage I would get sentimental over the moment we became more than just friends.


from CA on wrote:

I like the product. From the picture I thought it would be taller.

5 Stars

from NJ on wrote:

I love it. My husband was in the hospital most of last year & could not always talk because of breathing tubes in his throat, so we would link fingers ALL the time to show our love for each other. He past away 3 months ago, so when I saw this I HAD to get it.