5 Stars Delightfully please

from FL on wrote:

They are even better in living color! I was really disappointed that the little foods didn't come on the tray as I'd expected but I should have read it. Now will have to figure out where to find some fake food, miniture food to put on the tray of the shorter chef.

5 Stars

from FL on wrote:

love it , wish was sold seperatley

4 Stars Set of two waiters

from LA on wrote:

I wanted to make a change in the decor of my kitchen. The wallpaper is a repeating pattern of taupe and burgandy grapes with green grape leaves. I wanted to make it a little classier. They are NOT cartoonish which is what I was seeking and added to the Tuscany feel I wanted in the room. It did not receive a 5 because of a painting defect on one of the figures.

4 Stars Chef Set of 2 Accents 7738

from on wrote:

These 2 cute chefs are so cute in my mom's kitchen. She was in love with them the minute she opened up the boxes they came in. The problem was that when she assembled the chef with the glass plate it immediately came off in her hand. You would think at the cost of $42.00 that the plate would have securely been glued to the metal washer, but it wasn't. My stepfather went and bought some epoxy glue the next day and it's fixed for now. We're a little leery with it.

4 Stars Chef Set of 2 Accents 3779

from on wrote:

These little guys are just charming. They add so much to my kitchen, love them.

4 Stars Chef Set of 2 Accents 3758

from on wrote:

I luved these..they bring so much humor to my kitchen..a little bigger than I expected,a nice surpraise,also really like what their made of..I give it a A-

4 Stars Chef Set of 2 Accents 2952

from on wrote:

Love both of them, glad I purchased.