5 Stars CD/DVD Cabinet

from MT on wrote:

I love it. It was the perfect size for where I wanted to put it. It fits very nicely with all my other wood in my living room.

5 Stars Perfect!

from GA on wrote:

I am so happy with this piece. It exceeded my expectations. It is lovely and definitely has quality and detail. I am using it for my CDs and books. (Perfect for DVDs also) The detail in this piece of furniture is beautiful. Very happy!

5 Stars I love this piece!

from GA on wrote:

So happy with this beautiful DVD/CD piece of furniture. It is beautiful and meets all of my expectations and more. Couldn't be more satisfied with the quick delivery and the quality of this piece of furniture. Thank you so much!

3 Stars Don't even need to buy it

from NC on wrote:

I don't need to buy this to make a few observations. It says the cubbies are 8” wide and the drawers are 7” wide and 8” deep. Nowhere does it tell you how tall the cubbies are. However, the pictures show 10 DVDs lying on their side, with perhaps enough space left to cram in an 11th DVD too tight, or perhaps not quite enough space for that. This means the cubbies are about 6.5” tall. Since DVDs over over 7” tall, this is why the DVDs are lying on their sides…not enough room to stand them upright. I personally prefer my DVDs upright, but other buyers may not have a problem with this. The sizing would be perfect to hold CDs, which would probably also fit comfortably into the drawers, which the other reviewer says are a bit small for DVDs. I can’t help but wonder if this piece wasn’t originally designed to be a CD cabinet, and now is being promoted as DVD cabinet, because so many people are now downloading MP3 files instead of buying CDs. All that said, I like the look of this little cabinet, and may

3 Stars DVD Cabinet

from MD on wrote:

The drawers are a litte small for the DVDs. I bought this one bcse it was a less expensive than my first choice but I really don't like it much. Too much trouble to send back.