5 Stars synergy bed duvet coverlet

from OR on wrote:

When I opened this I immediately knew it was wonderful. It is super quality, wonderful colors that go so well in the bedroom. Made very well with quality behind each inch of it. It fits my comforter so well, but now in the warmer times I'm using it without the added comforter. I love it very much. Thank you so much for having this product. Adds a lot to the room!!!

5 Stars

from CA on wrote:

i bought this one instead of the taupe and plum, which I should have purchased. It is a beautiful bedspread, but there was no picture in the catalog, only the curtain, and the samples you sent were too small to tell the hue of the largest portion of the spread. It is too tannish looking and clashes with both my furniture and carpet. I think it is a good quality bedspread, but I have to return it and pay shipping, and am a little unsure of ordering again because if I have to send the next one back, I believe the shipping charges for both would be 100$. I probably would not have to send the taupe,plum, etc. one back, as really taupe is more the color of my furniture (a light taupe) as well as the tone in my carpet. But I hate to take a chance, so I am thinking about it. I am waiting for my friend to come help me fold the bedspread Friday & put it back in the container properly. It does fit my bed very well. The main problem is, please give larger samples; mine were very small; and put the picture of all

5 Stars Synergy Duvet Coverlet Set 8267

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This set is just beautiful. I had picked out a different coverlet set and kept putting off ordering it and then this coverlet set came out. Yes, it is pricey, but the quality and the way it looks on the bed is truly beautiful. This is the 4th cal-king set I have bought in the last 7 years because I could not find what both my husband and I liked. This is the one we will have been waiting for. The material is so soft and looks and feels so luxurious.

4 Stars Synergy Duvet Coverlet Set 4707

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I LOVE the duvet coverlet set! The colors are lovely and fit well into my bedroom. My grandchildren love it too -- how very soft it is! Thanks for accurate description and very quick shipping.

2 Stars Synergy Duvet Coverlet Set 4451

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Way too expensive !!!! BUT the colors match my living room colors and 1 only needed one valance. For the cost, you'd think it would be perfectly is not. Why am I keeping it w/all these problems??? It matches the colors in my area rug, sofa, chair and pillows. I have put a silk tree on the side where it's not even and it hides this lack of professionslism in the making of this item. At least it was on sale! It would have gone back for sure at the full price!!!

5 Stars Synergy Duvet Coverlet Set 3070

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Beautiful, worth every cent it cost. Excellent quality and construction.