4 Stars Oversized Bedspread

from CA on wrote:

I was interested in this bedspread because I have had comforters in the past and disliked most of the bed skirts because they never seemed to fit right. This bedspread was listed as over sized and looking at the picture, the bedspread is shown touching the floor but on my bed, it does not. The look of the bedspread has a very elegant look and is very different from any other bedspread I have seen. I have never spent this much on a bedspread with four of the pillows so I am hoping it will keep its look for a long time.

1 Star Bad fit and stiff!

from AZ on wrote:

Very disappointed! The color was the only thing good about it. It had no graceful drape at all...stiff! The split in the skirt did not allow the skirt to cover the corners as the crinkling is so stiff like very stiff crepe paper. Also, I have a calif. king and it did not fit the bed which I've not had problems with previously. Will not purchase from this site again.

5 Stars Love it!

from CA on wrote:

I was really pleased with the quality of this piece. The bedspread was big enough for my huge mattress. I've had many comforters and bedspreads and this one has been the best.

3 Stars Good & Bad

from OH on wrote:

I was very happy with the service. I was disappointed with the size order I had, that you charged shipping. I am very pleased with the bedspread and pillows, although I had to cut lots of threads that were left hanging. And then today, I pressed the curtains and I am so very upset! There is a hole in the fabric and a mark (like it got caught in the machine) and there are places that the lining was not caught in the stitching of the side hems. They are the cheapest, lowest quality I can imagine, especially after seeing the bedding and pillows of pretty good quality.

4 Stars Royale Bedspread Grande

from MN on wrote:

I love it, very elegant! Would like the sides a few inches longer but that's the only dislike. Shams fit pillows perfectly.

5 Stars Elegant

from CO on wrote:

This product is beautiful and rich looking. Fits right into my decor.

5 Stars Beautiful Spread

from WA on wrote:

Just as pictured. I am delighted with the style and color--as well as the service and timely delivery. I would definitely recommend this spread!

4 Stars

from MA on wrote:

love it exactly what i pictured in my mind and the color ive been serching for and it fits my bed perfectly. the only thing about it is it make crinkly noises whenever you move and takes time to get used to

5 Stars Royale Grande Bedspread 8320

from on wrote:

I have had an adjustable bed for 2 years and I finally have found the perfect spread for this bed. My Granddaughter calls it the chocolate ice cream spread. The workmanship is excellent and the spread is not too heavy to handle daily. My bedroom finally looks complete now. Thank your designers for me.

5 Stars Royale Grande Bedspread 5484

from on wrote:

This Bedspread is stunning..It looks even more beautiful than the catalog. I absolutely think this is the Best Purchase and best Price for this. My Bedroom looks classy and elegant at the same time. Thank you so much!

4 Stars Royale Grande Bedspread 4576

from on wrote:

Love the color combination, BUT the side drop is not long enough to reach the floor. I ironed it to hopefully stretch it, but it still does not reach the floor on both sides.

5 Stars Royale Grande Bedspread 4491

from on wrote:

beautifully made bedspread. I have a high and deep king mattress and never have found a comforter or bedspread that fit the bed. This did perfectly. love it.

5 Stars Royale Grande Bedspread 4332

from on wrote:

It is gorgeous and a perfect fit.

5 Stars Royale Grande Bedspread 3908

from on wrote:

The bed ensemble is gorgeous but the skirt part of the spread is not long enough for the modern height of beds.

2 Stars Royale Grande Bedspread 594

from on wrote:

I had to return this product much to my disappointment. My search for a new breadspread had been long and widespread. I thought this one was the best and exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately it did not fit the matress well. The corners at the end were below the corners on the matress and if I pulled it up to meet the corners of the matress then it was too short at the bottom of the bed. I was very disappointed at the look on the bed. It looks perfect in the picture.

3 Stars Royale Grande Bedspread 135

from on wrote:

I love this bedspread with all the pillows...It was time for a change and I love the new look...I have deep mattresses and the spread doesn't go all the way to the floor. That was a disappointment