5 Stars Peacock sculpture

from WA on wrote:

Beautiful design, lovely lines, impressive.

3 Stars Peacock statue

from MD on wrote:

I love the design of the peacock and bought 2 to be used for our upcoming wedding. Overall they are nice and a perfect size but the bottoms of both of them had some areas where the paint is pealing when they arrived.

1 Star Poor quality

from CA on wrote:

I was so disappointed in this sculpture. There was no color to it as shown in the ad. And the finish was horrible, dents and bubbles in the "metal" portion of its neck and head. I have returned for a credit.

2 Stars OOOO

from KS on wrote:

Well, by this time you have probably received it back. It did not suit. It turned out to be larger than I envisioned and not as graceful as the picture made it seem to be.

5 Stars Peafowl sculture

from FL on wrote:

It was received well. I had it sent direct from your company to my neice for a wedding gift (her theme was peacocks). I personally did not see the item but I am pleased with the reaction when it arrived.

4 Stars Pretty pretty peacock

from CA on wrote:

The peacock is gorgeous. I'm a little unsure about the color of the gold on the wings but my girlfriends said it was okay. We're going to use it for an entrance table at a formal event.

2 Stars Dissapointed

from FL on wrote:

Received the piece in perfect condition, very well packed. Unfortunately it did not live up to the colorful description given in the brochure, because of that it did not fit our chosen display area and we returned it for a refund which we hope to receive very soon. However, will try this company again!

2 Stars Not so hot...

from NC on wrote:

Looks cheaply made:like from WalMart.NOT worth $75,that's for sure.Have always been pleased with other things I've ordered fromT.O.C.Oh well.Can't win 'em all...

4 Stars Peacock

from CO on wrote:

It looks very nice and has pretty colors.

5 Stars Ms.

from TX on wrote:

Like very much

4 Stars

from GA on wrote:

I like this item.

4 Stars

from MI on wrote:

I thought the colors would be brighter

5 Stars Love It

from MI on wrote:

I've wanted this item for a couple of years and just could not justify spending the money on such a luxury. Recently I totaled my car and broke bones in my neck forcing me to wear a cervical collar. Several days after the accident I was feeling pretty depressed. That afternoon a real peacock showed up on my deck - I live in a rural area. He made my day! I bought the statue to remind me of him and that brighter days are ahead.

5 Stars Beautiful Peafowl /

from IL on wrote:

This is a very sturdy Sculpture for any Home Decorating / A Formal Dining Room, or a Down Stair Wall Nich would be great / The Bird is Beaufully Decorated with Austrian Crystals on the Wings /***Enjoy*****/

2 Stars ok

from VA on wrote:

peacock was kind of pretty, but totally ove rrated. Colors were too dark need to brighten the colors. thought about sending it back.

2 Stars

from TX on wrote:

I was disappointed in this piece. I thought it would be more colorful like a peacock. The piece I got had very little color in it. If some colored stones had been used on the bottom of the birds feathers it would have looked better.

3 Stars

from CA on wrote:

Statue at the neck has a gap. And the colors are somewhat not accurate compared to the picture. Overall, the status is ok but not too great...

3 Stars Peafowl Table Sculpture 8092

from on wrote:

I was very disappointed with this item. The main thing that disappointed me was the tarnished brass-colored look on the legs, wings, neck and head. If it weren't for that, this item would be much better. I'm not sure if the gold coloring on the bird was intended, but because it looks tarnished it cheapens the overall quality of the statue. I would recommend that the maker either change those parts of the bird to a resin appearance or pewter. I returned this item.

2 Stars Peafowl Table Sculpture 7387

from on wrote:

I thought this sculpture was beautiful looking at it in the catalog and online, however once received it was not quite as nice. The bird has a unusually yellow gold looking color around the wings, neck and head. This ruins the entire piece. Sorry it had to go back :(

5 Stars Peafowl Table Sculpture 5798

from on wrote:

Wasn't really sure when I ordered this if I would like it,...but it arrived and one look at it is all I needed! It's very stunning and it !!!!

4 Stars Peafowl Table Sculpture 4505

from on wrote:

The bird is really pretty but not nearly as colorful as the picture shows. The green is barely noticeable in person. Statue is light in weight but, again, it's a graceful and nice-looking sculpture.

5 Stars Peafowl Table Sculpture 4361

from on wrote:

I have made purchases over the years with your company and have been completely satisfied with all my purchases. The sculpture that I recently purchased was more beautiful in person than depicted in the magazine.