4 Stars Very Nice Horse Replca

from NY on wrote:

Gift for relative who likes horses.

5 Stars horses

from CA on wrote:

I loved the shape of horses but the finish was a disappointment.

5 Stars Graceful

from AZ on wrote:

I had a study with empty spaces when my husband moved his accounting office out of our home. I ordered pieces from you and they fit in perfectly. They actually look as if they have always been there.

5 Stars Beautiful piece!

from OK on wrote:

I purchased this because of how beautiful the horses looked in the picture. I was amazed at how much more beautiful they are in person! They look like a very expensive piece of art but very affordable. I'm happy with my purchase!!

5 Stars fierce grace

from FL on wrote:

perfect for me

5 Stars Fierce grace sulpture

from OH on wrote:

I purchased this for my mother-in-law she said it was absolutely gorgeous. It arrived on a good time for Christmas. Thank you so much!!

4 Stars

from NJ on wrote:

I purchased these horses because they look so lifelike and beautiful.

5 Stars GOOD BUY

from CA on wrote:

This is to be a gift for our Grandaughter who loves horses. We were very pleased with the sculpture and know she will love it too.

5 Stars Horse Statue

from CA on wrote:

I bought this statue for a couple of horse-lovers who are getting married in May. They have been unable to find anything of this quality and I felt it would make a perfect gift as they start their life together.

5 Stars Fierce Grace Sculpture

from TX on wrote:

Loved it, was better then could have imagined

4 Stars Fierce Grace Table Sculpture 8060

from on wrote:

I very much like the table sculpture that I bought from you recently but the one negative is that I understood it to be more bronze colored than the green tint that stands out in it. That part was disappointing as I was expecting and hoping it to be more bronze colored which would have fit in better on the table than the green.

5 Stars Fierce Grace Table Sculpture 7998

from on wrote:

Love the horses. they are beautiful

4 Stars Fierce Grace Table Sculpture 5854

from on wrote:

Very pretty. I thought it was going to be completely bronze in the color. It has green mixed in with it. It was a gift for my Mom and she was very pleased with it.

5 Stars Fierce Grace Table Sculpture 5181

from on wrote:

Magestic! This piece looks like real bronze and the detail is superb! I truly enjoy looking at this sculpture every day! It is a nice, quality, piece of art.

3 Stars Fierce Grace Table Sculpture 1444

from on wrote:

Very nice sculpture. Fun.